Dec 15, 2017

7 Holiday Traditions To Start With Your Kids

The first Christmas that we had Lily, Zach and I were still living with my parents to save money on a home. Although it was still a magical year having our first born, it was hard to try and incorporate a few traditions we both wanted to do with her.

Since moving to Georgia and now having Landon this year, Zach and I are really into the holiday spirit for making his first Christmas super special ( and of course now that Lily really gets Santa and all things Christmas-y, it's even more fun! ) I wanted to share a few things that Zach and I are started as far as traditions go for the holidays with you all ( and of course if you have some fun ones too- feel free to share in the comments! )

1. Bake Christmas Cookies - Zach and I actually started doing this when we first got married and made about 4 dozen cookies to hand out to friends, family and co-workers. It's even more fun bringing our children into the mix and figuring out what type of cookies we want to make! The messier- the better!

2. Holiday Date Night- Despite it being such a busy time for Zach and myself, we do try to make a date night this month just us two. It could be something simple like ordering a movie and getting Chinese food or getting dolled up and going to one of our favorite restaurants. Stay tuned for what we have planned for a date night next week!

3. Adopt a Family/Angel + Pay It Forward- It's the perfect time to give back to those who need it most. This year I'm really trying to do this and help pick out a gift for an angel family in need. Lily can't wait to go shopping with me to pick something out too! Don't want to adopt? Why not just pay it forward at your local grocery store, Starbucks or shopping center? The smallest gesture can go a long way!

4. Make Reindeer Food- As a kid, I loved being able to sprinkle some fun reindeer food at my Grandparents out. We put in flour, oats and a bit of 'magic' ( aka glitter ha ) and then sprinkle it in our backyard and front porch for the reindeer to eat. It's such a fun tradition to pass on to my kids!

5. Make Hot Chocolate and Watch A Christmas Movie - Zach and I love doing this just ourselves, but it's great to incorporate our little ones too! We make hot cocoa with extra marshmallows, grab our favorite fuzzy pajamas and put on a Christmas movie with a fire going. Some of our favorites to watch are The Polar Express and How The Grinch Stole Christmas. Those one liners are the best!

6. Look At Neighborhood Lights - When I lived in Chicago, I loved touring the city lights and seeing the building's all decorated for Christmas with fun displays. Today, it's fun to bundle up and tour the neighborhood lights with my family ( and staying a bit warmer here in the South )! Lily loved doing this last year so we can't wait to do it again!

7. Throw An Ugly Christmas Sweater Party - My friends and I love a good party and I can't wait to attend one of these tomorrow night! Better yet, why not include your little ones to make their own ugly Christmas sweater too! Grab some crafts, tinsel, glue and all things glitter to help make their own ( kid cocktails included in the fun )! My daughter loves to get creative with hers!

What are some ways your incorporate traditions with your family?

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