Dec 4, 2017

Solo Parenting Weekend

What a weekend friends! Zach mid afternoon on Thursday to head back to his hometown in Iowa for Deer Camp. For the last 15 years, he travels to Elkader to hunt with about 10 of his friends and family members for the weekend in hopes of getting a few deer. I never was a huge fan of deer meat until we started dating and actually- we end up using all the deer meet year round so we don't have to purchase any beef! Plus, it's a lot learner and healthier for you! #Winning.

Since Zach was gone, I was ridin' solo in this parenting gig. Let me tell you- if you think it's hard with one kid, try adding a squirmy infant to the mix. Landon is such a little wiggle worm, especially now that he adores rolling from side to side..towards my Christmas tree! That stinker! Lily was obviously a huge help with Landon this weekend, especially when we went Grocery shopping. I know it can be hard for her when she gets overstimulated by so many neat items that she sees but she actually listened well while we walked the aisles and assisted putting items in the grocery cart.

We also enjoyed our time outside as it was gorgeous and a high of 70 on Saturday. That means lots of outdoor time at the parking running and climbing! My little one was in heaven!

I tried to make it a fun but relaxing weekend for us as the next 5 are filled with Christmas parties, traveling and non stop fun. Sometimes easing into it is the best thing for our little family! We also go our Christmas photos back by the super talented Cat that we took last weekend! Obsessed is an understatement. She did a fabulous job especially considering my little guy was so anxious for a nap during the shoot.

Happy Monday everyone! I can't wait to get through today and then welcome my hubby home tonight! Hope you all had a great few days with your friends and family!

How was your weekend?

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