Jan 5, 2018

Friday Favorites

Hello from the happiest place on earth. Where am I? Follow along on my Insta Stories to find out!
Anyways, I wanted to share a few things I’m loving today with you all. It’s been a crazy week from getting home on Sunday from Iowa, to repacking everything and off again last night! I’m on a short vacation with my husband and our two best friends until Sunday! Woo! Okay—but let’s get started on what I’m loving this week!

1. Tea – I came down with a bit of a cold over last week so I’ve been drinking way more tea then normal. I’ve fallen in love with Mint Tea partly because I have an obsession with anything mint and the flavor just helps awaken my awful sinuses. Anyone else a tea lover and if so what are you enjoying drinking to keep warm? It’s been a chilly 17 decreese here in ATL!

2. Travel – This month includes traveling a few times and I can’t wait to take you along. As you heard I was in Iowa last week—on vacation again this weekend and then heading to Chicago next weekend for my cousin’s Bachelorette party! If you want to follow along on Instagram – the hash tag I use its #CaitsCozyTravels ! And stay tuned too- I’ll be heading to Europe this summer and you won’t want to miss where we’re going!

3. Cinnamon Sugar Pecans- These are always such a huge hit in my office but also just to munch on all the time! I seriously can’t stop eating these delicious snacks! Anyone else a huge fan of this sugary goodness? This recipe is my favorite! I may be making a few batches in the next few weeks ;)

4. Ugg Boots - I've always been a fan of Ugg boots but now being in my 30's..I wanted something a little less trendy but a boot that was still comfortable, durable and above all, cozy! I saw these and died! Umm adding to my cart now!

5. The Greatest Showman Soundtrack - While I with my family last week we went and saw the Greatest Showman. Oh my gosh you guys- it was SO good! I'm already a huge fan of musicals but even my SIL who isn't actually really enjoyed it.  Plus-- the soundtrack has been on repeat since last week so you know.. just lovin' it on it! Who wants to go see it with me because I'll def go again!

Alright well I'm off friends! Hope you all have a great weekend! 

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