Jan 22, 2018

Let's Clear Out The Clutter

Happy Monday my friends! I've seen a few amazing bloggers out there share a few Monday Mantra's on their blog and couldn't adore this little series more! I've been a huge huge HUGE fan of quotes my entire life and love learning what a quote means to someone! I also love starting the week off on some great inspiration and as much as I love writing about a quote- I thought you'd also enjoy hearing and reading about them!

So todays Monday Mantra is...
What's worst then having anxiety? I've talked about it a few times on the blog about how many anxiety can get the best of me. But how does it happen? Where does it all come from?

Sure there is a lot of clutter physically around me. My office is a mess ( hence why I usually get that door shut at all times ha ) I usually can be pretty organized but at times I'll throw things around, put magazines in piles, forget to organize those papers that seem to just get bigger and bigger and then it all leads to one big thing..a huge blow out and stress!

Which then leads to me being cranky, yelling and in an awful mood. No one..and I mean no one wants to see me in a bad mood! I take it all out on someone in the way and it's just not good for anyone. Ugh or how about my closet? Thank goodness I was able to get that decluttered and organized and let me tell you how amazing it feels to just find all my shoes in one spot instead of in a huge pile!
But what about the clutter somewhere else? What about the clutter that's in our head? All those negative thoughts that keep swirling inside of us. How can we get rid of it? What about all the social media that comes into play? Here are a few tips to get ride of all that clutter

1. Make A List - Whenever I start to become anxious, there is always something that always helps me out. I make a list. And a detailed one at that. Lists help me write down what I need to get done and boy does it feel great crossing things off.
2. Make Time - I always say I never have time to get things done and work around the clutter. Why not take even 10-15 minutes to put magazines away, file your contracts or even just clear out your inbox ( although mine takes a bit longer ha! soo many e-mails! )
3. Worry Less- This is always easier said then done but don't sweat the small stuff! But truly worrying about everything just makes your mind less clear. Your fears are always going to be there but know that you can DO it and be confident will help to keep you feeling your best and get rid of those negative thoughts.
4. Don't Compare - I'd be lying if I said I never looked at my Instagram and became super jealous of my fellow bloggers who received an amazing PR package, a weekend getaway at some incredible destination, someone who reached 60,000 followers....the list goes on and on. It's so hard not to compare or attempt to be 'competing' with others but truthfully- someone out there is doing that with your account as well! We forget that people are coming to our page for inspiration, goal setting or just to learn more about YOU. There's a reason they love YOUR blog so keep being there and being YOU!

I want to hear what you think of these little Monday Mantra's on the blog. If you truly love them, perhaps I'll make a little series with some great inspirational tips that I've gotten along the way from blogging + share more with you! Let me know in the comments below! Enjoy your Monday! 

How will you learn to clear out the clutter today? 
What do you do to make sure your anxiety doesn't get the best of you? 

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  1. I have my shoes in boxes like these and it was seriously a game changer!! It really helped with decluttering my closet!

  2. This is really really nice, time to clear out the clutter for me. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Clear the Clutter is one of my resolutions this year!! I’m so excited to see how I can clear out all aspects of my life!

  4. I love making lists of what I want to clear out--whether it's a drawer, closet, or my mind! My hubby and I have 5 minute cleanups at night to really help with the overall mess that gets made throughout the week and keep the clutter to a minimum!

  5. I really need to clear out the clutter in my office! I always feel better after clearing out the stuff I don't need!

  6. Great tips! I am actually working on clearing up the clutter in our house this week!

  7. You are so right about someone out there is wishing their "whatever" looks like yours. It's all in where we are looking from. Thanks for the reminder. And thanks for linking up at OVER THE MOON Link party.
    :) gwingal

  8. YES!! I am a purger by nature so I try to purge as much as I can, especially when I'm stressed out. It really helps me calm down.

  9. I really need to clear out the clutter in my closet right now. So many things need to get organized. I need to start with a plan...

    Beth || www.TheStyleBouquet.com

  10. Worry less! Something I definitely need to do! My tricks are to work on not bringing more junk in. My goal is to get things out yes, but keep things out is my even bigger goal. Great article.

  11. Fun post and tips! I've always been a big fan of quotes and what they mean to people.


  12. I honestly need to do this! Even digitally, I’ve got soooo much clutter.

  13. I LOVE your idea of using clear plastic containers for shoes! I've been on a major clutter cleaning spree, and it definitely feels great!

  14. I have a hard time concentrating if there's clutter and mess all over our house. I love to spend some time organizing and putting things into containers. It gives you a nice feeling of calm.

    Gennifer Rose | www.GenniferRose.com

  15. Totally agree with all of those points. I tried having a weekly planner but that doesn't work for me. I need my daily just because I have to write EVERYTHING down and crossing things off helps with my nerves. Even the smallest of things like "call mom" because my mind is all over the place.

  16. I do the clear boxes for shoes to! I'm in a purging mode lately....feels like it needs to be everything, clothes, stuff, mental junk.... It's a great way to feel refreshed on many levels!

  17. I actually have {most of} my boots hanging in my office closet so I can keep them off the floor! I bought hooks with clips so I can use the existing clothing rods in the closet.


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