Feb 16, 2018

2018 Favorite Products

Happy Friday everyone! It's been a week that's for sure! I've been all over the place especially because we got back so late on Monday and had a little short week here ;) Oh and hands up for those that have Monday off for President's Day. I have to say, I'm super excited to have this weekend and have the day off too. I have a few fun things planned with my hubby for a day date ( WOO! ) so I can't wait to take you guys along!

Alright but for today, I wanted to share a few things I'm lovin' and that have seriously become my go to things already for the year. I know, you're thinking already your favorites and it's only month two of 2018? Trust me, you have to get them before they sell out and to keep the year on point. You'll thank.

1. Laundry Soap - I've said it a few times but ever since I bought this laundry soap, this has been such a game changer not just for my family but guests that have stay over! I can't tell you how many times everyone has raved about how amazing their sheets smell as well as compliments on if I've been wearing a new perfume. This detergent is THAT good.

2. Curling Wand- You all know I'm not the best at curling my hair but a girlfriend of mine showed me THIS PRODUCT and I can't stop using it! It's taking me a few times but I think I'm slowly getting the hang of it. Plus it comes in pink so you know..you have to get it.

3. Skillet- How have I even survived without A SKILLET in my life?! I use this for everything and not just cooking but also baking delicious chocolate chip cookies when a craving hits ( so like 4 times a week? ) You'll thank me later when you've enjoyed this all the time!

4. Makeup Remover- I have tried several different types of makeup removers but nothing gets all my makeup off with less irritation or stubbornness then THIS one. It's so easy to travel with too and I love that it keeps my skin not only feeling clean but looking it's best.

5. Alexa- I've shared about this before but I can't stop raving about how much Alexa saves me on time, energy and just ..well everything! She answers my questions ( how many tablespoons are in half a ...umm? ) and even remembers music that I would jam out to in high school. She's the best and she's not even a real person ha! You need her to help keep you sane Mom's!

What are your favorite products this year? 
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  1. I use those make up wipes every day! I love all they get everything off and leave your face so smooth!

  2. my favorite on the list is alexa and the curling wand. I have those and I'm lovin it!

  3. I love those make-up wipes! Also, I don't know how I survived before my "Alexa" lol! Loving your list!

  4. I NEED to get 'Alexa'! I feel like it would be such a huge help around the house.

  5. Neutrogena is by far my favorite brand to purchase when it comes to makeup removing. It's great to carry in my purse for when I want to take off my makeup on the go.

  6. I use the same make up wipes & love them!


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