Feb 13, 2018

A Chicago Wedding Part 2

Yesterday I shared about flying into Chicago and the rehearsal dinner that we had such a blast at. Today I wanted to share the day of the wedding, the ceremony and the reception. So let's start at the beginning

Saturday Morning/Getting Ready
The bridal party that Megan had was made up of friends and family members from childhood to adulthood. Her bridesmaid included my sister and myself who were the Matron and Maid of Honor along with her a childhood best friend, 2 college roommates and her soon to be SIL. The 6 of us had so much fun laughing, talking about past memories together and the upcoming big day.

Megan was so calm throughout the entire morning. 5/6 of us have already been married and gone through the process of being a bundle of nerves, excitement and just pure joy that the big day was already here. We all had our makeup and our hair done within the rooms of the Intercontinental located on the Magnificent Mile.

Although it was cold we couldn't contain the anticipation of the day. After getting our hair and make up done, Lily even made an appearance to get her own hair done as the adorable little flower girl she was. She truly loved wearing her dress and feeling like a 'princess like Aunt Meg' that morning.

The Ceremony 
After a few pictures were taken, we all piled into a trolley and they drove us to the church. This was the same church that we had the rehearsal the night before and I couldn't get over how detailed and truly magical this cathedral was. The ceremony was simply lovely. Zach and my sister's boyfriend Dan both gave a reading and my kids actually behaved pretty well during the ceremony ( thank goodness for puffs and cuddles from grandparents)!
A few of us got emotional when they said their vows and before we knew it, they were married and we were all crying and yelling "Congrats!" outloud! We took a lot of pictures with various family members at the church and then headed onto a bus for more pictures around Chicago while everyone else went back to the hotel for a little while before the cocktail hour and the reception started.

The Reception
Megan had one of the most gorgeous receptions I've ever seen. Surrounded by 250 of their closest friends and family, Megan truly out did herself when it came to decorating their space at the Intercontinental. You all know I have a huge weakness for chandeliers, and it must run in the family because Megan's reception chandelier was jaw dropping.
 My sister and I gave our speech was actually a huge hit and a lot of laughs ( which we loved )! The rest of the night was filled with dancing ( so much dancing ), chatting with relatives and just enjoying the moment of such a big event surrounded by so many amazing people who came near and far.

It truly was such a magical event and I'm so happy for my cousin and her husband! And now off to a busy week! Happy Tuesday friends!
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  1. What an absolutely gorgeous church! It looks ornate enough to be a big cathedral. A wedding in a place like that would be very special, indeed :)

  2. Wow, what a beautiful wedding. That church is amazing! Everything is just gorgeous. :)

  3. These photos are beautiful! Love your dress! I'm in a wedding in May and I have the same color assigned to me. :)


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