Feb 12, 2018

A Chicago Winter Wedding Pt 1

This past weekend my family of four and I traveled to my hometown of Chicago for my cousin's wedding. I've shared a bit about Megan over the year on my blog as well as her coming to visit last year in Atlanta and her Bachelorette party that we had a few weeks ago.

Although Megan is one of my older cousins, being only 8 months apart, we've been extremely close since birth. She's the closest thing I have to an older sister and also has a strong connection with my younger sister, Morgan. The three of us over the years have become a tribe of  'sissy's and I couldn't wait to celebrate her big day with the rest of my family members.

Zach and I arrived with our 2 exhausted kids late afternoon on Thursday. Immediately we got into a car and headed to Chicago because that night we were supposed to get a really bad snowstorm. Originally we were going to go to the 'burbs to meet my family members but we decided to just head right to the to InterConental to get settle ( the same location for had Megan's Bach party ) and got  into our rooms.Throughout the afternoon other family members were coming in from out all over and I loved getting to chat with so many of them. Landon finally got to meet one of my Aunt's who couldn't make it to the  Outer Banks . It was such a fun time and we couldn't wait for the big day to get here!

Friday morning was a blast as my aunt, Mom and I ventured out in the blizzard to get our nails done. I forgot how Chicago, although it has a grid layout, can be tricky with underground streets. What should have been a 4 minute walk for us from the hotel ended up being around 20-30 minutes getting lost in the snowstorm. I couldn't wait to get a mani pedi and relax in some warm weather for a few hours!

The afternoon flew by and suddenly we were running to get ready for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.  The rehearsal went great ( and we reluctantly didn't bring our kids because the weather was so bad ). Once reharsal was over, we hoped into an Uber and went to dinner at Topo Gigio, a delicious Italian restaurant. Speeches were given, so much laughter was heard and of course, we were all so excited for our new groom and bride's huge day in a few hours! As her Matron and Maid of Honor, my sister and I couldn't wait to toast to our cousin with all our friends and family members. But first...sleep was needed.

Part 2 coming tomorrow!

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