Feb 15, 2018

Skinny Chocolate PBFit Smoothie

I mentioned last week I've been trying to get on a great smoothie kick the last few weeks. One in part to try and maintain the weight I've lost so far and two, I really just need to eat better. Sure I'm healthy 75% of the time but I also have my sweet cravings ( thanks Mom )! I talked to a few friends who shared with me their love of PBFit and the amazing advantages, convince and overall benefit for you to use after a great work out- especially when it comes to smoothies.
PBFit came in a great dual pack with the chocolate and peanut butter combo. Sign me up! So what makes it so appealing? PBFit with premium chocolate actually has 85% less fat calories than actual peanut butter. About 2 T of peanut butter is just 180 calories (woah!) but 2 T of PB2 is only 45 calories! That's a HUGE difference!
It comes in a powder form and you can locate it next to the peanut butter in your grocery store. If you want to spread it onto a sandwich, try mixing it with about 1 T of water. PBFit isn't anything artificial. It's leftover from making peanut oil ( the oil that is extracted and the powder is left behind). Personally, I lovelovelove the chocolate because well.. I just need that extra sweetness.

If you're not a huge banana fan like myself, just mix your PBFit into almond milk and drink away! Heck- if you don't even want to make the smoothie, add the chocolate PBFit and your almond milk and you're drinking a delicious shake for breakfast!

My personal favorite- enjoying a delicious Chocolate PBFit smoothie after an intense work out. Believe me, you have to try this.

1 banana
2 T of chocolate PBFit
1 c Almond Milk, unsweetneed

Place the banana, PB2 and Almond Milk into a blender
Blend until banana is pureed and PB2 is dissolved.
** For those asking, THIS blender is my favorite!

I hope you all enjoy your new chocolate smoothie! 

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