Feb 8, 2018

Valentine's Day Gift Guide For Him

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I usually don't plan a lot for Valentine's Day. We used to do go all out before kids ( that one time we took a helicopter tour in Chicago! ) but now we just enjoy a little dinner together ( usually after both kids go to bed ) and open up a bottle of wine. We've had a lot of great things to celebrate already this year so I found some items that I think would be perfect for the man in your life.

Beer Valentine- Who doesn't love some good cold brews and I mean, how cute is this box set up too?! It's perfect for the beer lover in your life.

Guitar Picks- I have a few friends who def need to get this for their guy! Why not add some adorable picks with cute sayings for them to play at their next gig!

Sneakers- These are such cute sneakers for your guy! Of course, get them in the great red color for this festive holiday!

Alexa- For my tech guys out there, you need to have this. We adore having our Alexa help us remind us of things we need to add to our grocery list, music we love to listen too or just being there to tell a joke.

City Etched Glasses- If your man loves a good scotch, why not get him this unique city etched glass to sip out of? They are all so unique and share your love of city's you love, want to go or have been!

Luxury Watch- I love a good watch and so does my husband. You can't go wrong with this price of only $16 too and look how sleek it is!

So tell me friends, what are you going to be getting the man in your life?

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  1. I think beer would definitely go over well in my house!

  2. The beer valentine is perfect! So simple yet thoughthful, love these ideas!

  3. What a great list! I’m thinking of buying Alexa for my tech savvy hubby :)

  4. Great, yet simple gift ideas! I love the watch and the Alexa would probably be my husband's favorite. ;0)

  5. These are great gift ideas! Thanks for the tips :)

  6. I really like that watch & for only $16! Wow!

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