Mar 2, 2018

Breaking The Breakout Cycle

This is a sponsored post. All photos and opinions are my own. 
 I've been one of the lucky ones that used to get horrible acne as a middle school child. In high school it seemed to calm down a little but adding stress, term papers, finals and my 300 after school activities, my skin was just a mess. In college, it got the worst I've ever had it until I realized I really needed to make sure to not only keep myself working out and drinking enough water, but realizing the products I was using on my skin was making it worst too.
Today, I've partnered with Neutrogena to share a few products that they sent me to share with you all!  I began using Neutrogena Acne Proof Daily Scrub, now in my 30's and for the first time, also started seeing results! It helps really to clear out my breakouts and helps my skin become more acne resistant. This daily scrub is perfect for my skin that needs exfoliating and gives it the maximum acne treatment to help clear and prevent future breakouts! All the dirt and make up comes up with a few gentle scrubs and I love how it makes me feel skin so smooth afterwards!
This full-face gel cleanser is amazing! You know that endless cycle where bacteria and inflammation can create such a vicious cycle of break outs, flare ups which are painful and harmful to your sensitive skin!? Been there- don't need that!  Research really shows that acne suffers like myself have a weaker skin barrier and damaging that barrier can trigger the breakout cycle that we suffer from day after day. By choosing a key cleanser to help take care of your fragile skin, it can also help protect you against future breakouts that might occur.

When I have clean skin, I feel invisible like a Super Hero! I mean, I know my kids see me as their own super hero but why not feel both on the inside and the outside! Having this new found confidence again, I want to take on the world, leave my mark and have a lasting impression on everyone I meet. So what about you? How will you find your inner super hero and learn to break the cycle with a fresh face?
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