Mar 26, 2018

Easter Outfits For Your Littles Under $40

Oh Monday Monday Monday. This weekend was a crazy one as you saw on my stories because we were in Chicago for a friend's wedding. It was AMAZING! I'll get more to that later but I'm working on coffee and lack of sleep for this week that's for sure. I wanted to at least start our week off with some fun shopping that I've been doing for my little ones since Easter is coming up in less then a week!

I admit it. I hate shopping for Easter outfits because here in Atlanta we really don't know what the weather will be! Some years it's cold while others are extremely warm. My idea? Dress in layers! I always try to add a few fun spring time colors like pastels in the mix and then layer accordingly.

A few of you have been asking for some cute Easter outfits for your little ones and I found a few oh so bunny darling cute outfits that I couldn't really just narrow down one! Here are my favorites that I found and the best part? They are all under $40! Some are even under $20! Grab them before they are gone..because you know that pink coat is def going into my shopping cart for Lily!

What are some of your favorite Easter outfits to dress your little ones in? 

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  1. OMG -- how precious are these outfits. I can't wait to have kiddos to dress up one day.

  2. These are all SO CUTE Cait! Your babies are going to look adorable!

  3. Oh, that pink coat is just darling! Aren't little girl clothes the best?!

  4. OMG! How cute are these?! I especially love the blue boy's button up and the bunny ear onesie. Now, I wish I would have found these while my son was still a baby.

    xx Tatyanna


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