Apr 9, 2018


Happy Monday everyone! It's so crazy to be writing here from the Chicagoland area instead of Atlanta today! I'm sure I'll be sharing a few fun things coming up within the week I'm sure as well as how our design meeting went for our new home!

I haven't done a Monday Mantra in a little while so I wanted to share one that I came across last week while we were getting our house packed up. With a lot of uncertainty coming into taking a leap of faith and taking this blog full time I wanted to inspire you with some HOPE, specifically H.O.P.E ; Hold On, Plans End perspective.

So what does this mean exactly?

I'm a huge planner. You guys know that. I love to write everything down ( HERE & HERE are my favs )  as detailed as possible before I execute something so I can attempt to plan the outcome of what needs to get done. Change can be really hard on me, especially our first move when we came to Atlanta three years ago. However, one thing that always kept me going was HOPE. When my plans change I usually have a mental breakdown...ok just kidding but it does really throw me off my game.

The word HOPE to me, means looking forward to. When I say things like "I hope to see you next week", I mean that I'm really looking forward to seeing you! It doesn't necessarily carry with it the suggestion that maybe I will and maybe I won't. I mean, you plan for the best; look forward to the best; have an expectation that things are going to work out for the good in a positive way.

What do you do when plans change?

I'm one to sometimes always feel a little hurt if plans change with friends. Do they not want to hang out with me? Is it something I said? Is it me? BUT HEY! It happens. And chances are, it's 99% not you at all and something else took priority then. Just reschedule for another time!

Don't let those negative thoughts consumer or clutter your mind. Keep your HOPE alive and hold on to what's to come for anything you have in the future coming up. A new job, new friends, new changes..whatever!

How do you plan for HOPE? 

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  1. This is such a great perspective! I'm a big planner too and it can be really hard when those plans fall through or change, but I'm trying to be better about going with the flow in those moments.

  2. I love that! "Hold on, plans end perspective" so true. I've found some of the most prolific work I've done in my life has happened when I'm pushing against the feeling of failure I sometimes encounter when plans don't work out. I'm a big fan of doing what you can to improve your situation in the current moment to the best of your abilities! Sounds like you got the right perspective going on mama, keep up the good work!

  3. Love your mantra because plans do change. You have a great perspective! Good luck with you move and your house. Love your posts!

    Beth || www.TheStyleBouquet.com

  4. I love this idea behind hope. Plans can change - or end - and it can hurt, but it's good to think on the positive side. :)


  5. I'm a planner with perspective. I love my day planner and to-do lists but when things don't go as planned it's time for a new plan. Seriously, I haven't always looked at life that way.

  6. I love this perspective, and I am definitely a planner. I don't like doing things on the fly, and I get annoyed if things get switched!!


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