May 9, 2018

3 Ways To Charm Your Mother's For Mother's Day

*This is a sponsored post by James Avery. All opinions and photos are my own. 
I remember as a kid coming home from school and being greeted by my Mom with a huge smile on her face and the biggest hug. It was as if an awful day of school, a fight with a friend or a bad grade on a test melted away for a few fleeting seconds while I was finally in my Mom's arms. As I grew up and became a Mom myself, I always loved greeting my own kids with that sam enthusiasm, excitement and love as they came bouncing over to me after a long day with their friends, a sports game or just needing some extra one on one attention.
This Mother's Day, I wanted to share a few ways I'm thinking about charming my own Mother and wanted to share my top 3 with you.

1. Create A Custom Basket - I've shared a few fun ideas on a welcome basket for when you have out of town guests over, but why not create a unique one for your Mom. Does she love baked goodies from a special bakery, or sewing patterns to try this summer? What about a DIY spa night at home complete with her own body scrub! The list is endless but when it comes to your own Mom, think of why she's unique and special to you.
2. Gift Personalized Jewelry - Jewelry may seem like an easy thing but it can also be generic as well. Think of those same diamond earrings every Mom seems to have. What about a custom necklace or pendent with you and your siblings or even yet, grandchildren? Handpick a charm bracelet that you know she'll love that represents a favorite hobby of hers. When it comes to jewelry, I always go with a favorite jeweler, James Avery. You've heard of them a few times here and I couldn't wait to share a gift I actually picked out myself. I've always been a huge fan of bracelets, especially ones that had unique charms that go with them. I picked out this bracelet and this locket to start my little collection. Did you know that James Avery has actually kicked off the most charming off this year? When you shop at James Avery through may 29th, you can purchase two charms and you'll receive a charm necklace or bracelet for free ( up to a $70 value ) and they have over 15 free styles to choose from!

3. Schedule Time Together - Truly I think what every Mother wants for Mother's Day is to spend time with you, your significant other, your kids..whomever. Perhaps treat her to dinner at a restaurant you both have been wanting to visit, or attending the ballet together. The activity may be less important than just the true quality of just being together and catching up on a day that represents so much to all the Mom's out there.

How will you charm your Mom this Mother's Day? 
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  1. This is great, will use these ideas!

  2. I do love charm bracelets, such a wonderful gift to give and keep contributing to. Some lovely ideas! Sim x #GYB

  3. Love this! I also wrote a couple blog posts about Mother's Day!

  4. i love these charms! They are so cute! My mom would LOVE this!

  5. Cute bracelet - and awesome deal they have running. I love spending quality time with my mom, and when it comes to gifts, giving experiences are always nice.


  6. That is such a cute bracelet. My mom and mother in law do not wear bracelets so I got them necklaces from James Michelle. I hope they love them.

  7. These are great ideas! I especially love the idea of spending time with Mom for Mother's Day. I agree that I think Moms (especially once we've become their "adult children" and maybe don't live close) would love to just see their kids. I won't get to see my mom for mothers day but I did send her a card and she's having a big bouquet of flowers delivered.

  8. These are all great ideas ! I’m still trying to figure out what gifts to give my girl’s grandmothers.

  9. Great ideas! I love the bracelet!

  10. What a great gift idea for Mother's Day!


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