May 1, 2018

4 Reasons Why I Let My Kids Get Messy + The Easiest Way To Clean It Up!

This post is sponsored by Clorox®, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.
I admit it. I'm a clean freak. I'm the one up early or staying up hours after the kids go to bed to clean up their mess. However, I also know that it's ok if my kids get messy. The other day my four year old was so excited when I told her she could finger paint that she squealed for a solid 5 minutes. Heck, I remember loving to finger paint too! The smell of the paint and the squishy feeling under my fingers was so much fun! I even let my little guy it on the action with shaving cream! So why do I let my kids get messy? Here are 4 reasons!
1. Igniting Your Senses - Firing up those senses helps you to remember those vivid memories and more intense learning. Don't you remember getting your hands squished in shaving cream? Some people consider themselves more visual learners, while others like myself, are more auditory. These are tendencies, not absolutes but if learning experiences trigger more senses, you are more likely to internalize what you are learning.
2. Teaches Cause and Effect - I'm trying to overcome my urges to step in and prevent messes because sometimes its truly ok if your kids make a mess. Before my kids are able to experience an outcome, how are they able to learn from it? If I keep intervening before they are able to learn, they can't understand cause and effect. When Lily ran out of Landon's room with diaperDestin cream all over her face because she thought it was lotion...well I certainly knew to show her what COLOR the bottle of lotion was and why we don't go in her brother's room.

3. Open Ended Questions - Life isn't always cookie cutter. It's super confusing and messy as well as always changing. Giving your kids the chance to create also helps their brain learn how to think without boundaries. This is a great set up for their entire life to help them become an artist, a ballet dancer or a designer of their own imagination.
4. Joy and Fun - Plain and simple? Making a mess is always more fun right? I mean, it's what makes the memories last forever! I still remember being a kid and running around in the dirt and mud in our backyard. IT was such a fun time. Messy play is exciting so try it out and see how long your kids will be talking about it ( I bet until next week at least )!

Easiest Way To Clean Up?
By now I'm sure you're hoping to stop cringing through all of this and learn how we can clean up that mess or disaster that just occurred. No worries my friend! Thanks to shopping at my local Walmart last week, I found Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes with Ultra Strength Blue Fibers!

These wipes are perfect for cleaning up big messes because they are 3x stronger to outlast any dirty job! They are dual sided with tough fibers and ridges plus they keep 99.9% of viruses and bacteria* away! So take a deep breath and let the mess unfold in your home. You've got Clorox by your side and a lifetime of memories to help clean them up!
*Use as directed.


  1. I keep them handy for messes! Clorox is one of my favorite brands for clean up!

  2. Those photos were so cute! I have such a hard time not being a clean freak but the kiddos love it! I haven't tried this type of clorox wipes but they are going on my next shopping list!

  3. I love your insight, some of my best memories as a child was when I got to let lose and play freely!

  4. These wipes sound awesome. And I love that you let your kids get messy - all kids should be able to do that sometimes!


  5. Yes! Soooo important to let them get messy! They do learn a lot by involving their senses. And like you pointed out, they clean up pretty well. Especially when you're prepared with the wipes! Love your post.

  6. Cause and effect...what a great point! That's totally true - kids gotta get messy to LEARN!

  7. I love letting my sister get as messy as she wants because it just makes her smile! worth it


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