May 4, 2018

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday friends! I'm currently in Iowa visiting my SIL and family while we attend a fun festival called the Tulip Festival ( similar to the one they celebrate in the Netherlands ).  Have you heard of it before? I'm actually super exited to spend some quality time with them and our kids as well as get to know their adorable Dutch town. Yesterday I actually saw a tornado outside their home touch down ( check my Insta stories ) which was crazy to witness and luckily we are all safe here!

I wanted to share a few favorite things I'm loving this week including some great sales, some of your favorite posts you've all been enjoying and a few random things you've been asking me about! Hope you all enjoy and have a great weekend!
1. Michael Kors Watch- I've had this Michael Kors watch for a few years now and always received so many great compliments on it. I found out that it's on sale right now for 30% off and it comes in black as well as a dark purple. Both are perfect Mother's Day gifts or even for yourself.
2.  Keeping My 1 Year Old Comfortable In The Water - You all are so sweet to love this post as much as I do. I was a little hesitant on putting Landon in the water but after following my 3 easy steps to get him comfortable up to the big day of putting in the pool, I think it really helped!

3.  Mother's Day Gifts - I have a few posts about gifts for Mother's Day and wanted to share this one HERE and a few others gifts that I love. HERE and HERE are what I may be getting my own Mom ( I know she reads this too ha )

4. Spring Sales - There are have been a lot of great sales going on here and I'm exited to get a few items to spruce up my wardrobe including THIS that's 50% off right now, THIS chambray dress which is perfect for play dates and going to date night, THESE pants that come in great colors and only $19 and so on!

5. Ember Mug - My girl Erica shared this incredible find the other day and so of course, I had to get it myself. I cool is this concept?! It's a coffee mug that seriously is a game changer in your house. As a Mom, I'm one to always get distracted by one thing or another and forget about my coffee ( #MomLife ) but this mug keeps your mug at an 'ideal' temperature and maintains that temperature until it's finished. You are able to choose your own if you want a certain taste too. No seriously! They also have a travel mug too. Did I mention #amazing?!

6. BentoBox Lunch - These make for such a great travel kit as well as a lunch or snack on the go for Landon and Lily! This Bento Box is also dishwasher safe and I love all the little compartments to add various fruits, veggies and small snacks! It's such a life savor and under $10!

7. Crazy For Collagen- Many of you kept sharing with me how much you love using collagen to help strengthen your skin, hair and nails. I put a post together sharing various forms to take collagen HERE. So far I'm loving the beauty wipes and powder form. What about you?

What are some of your favorites this week?

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  1. I’ve never heard of the tulip festival! I’ll have to see the Instagram story of the tornado!

  2. I seen that Ember mug in a youtube video the other day and it truly is amazing. It will even cool hot coffee down to the temperature and then hold it at that temperature. That is realy awesome

  3. The tulip festival sounds so fun! Take a ton of photos!! And I'm also loveloveloving those socks. Lol my husband has some that says "bring me a cold beer". Haha and collagen is everything right now!! I'm loving that in about 6 hours I'm on vacay! :)

  4. I used to live in Iowa for a short stint and the tornados were enough for me. Glad you are ok. I also didn’t know they had a tulip festival. That mug sounds amazing! It will work well with time being a tea drinker.

  5. I'm so excited for Mother's Day! Although the gift I want is sleep. haha

  6. I'm not a huge watch person, but that watch is gorgeous! I love the all black! Hope you have a great weekend, Cait.

  7. I just saw the ember mug on instagram ad and I winked at my hubby to get it for me for mother's day lol!

  8. Love, LOVE that watch!! I love MK watches so much. Also that chambray dress is so cute--def need to get something like that for the spring/summer.

  9. Spring sales are my favorite ever right now! They've been so awesome!

  10. I love bentoboxes, they are perfect when you take lunch to work!
    I wish spring sale was more "productive" for me. The new trend of having even an XS oversized, is driving me crazy.

  11. I don't know what to buy first. You have some awesome picks right here. The ember mug and bentoboxes lunch box are probably going in my cart today. The watch is going on my birthday list. Also you don't need to worry about your 1 year old in the pool. Everyone has their own time for that but my son was in the water at 6 weeks old. Your 1 year old will be fine. Just stay close.


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