May 21, 2018

#MondayMatters How You Can Impact Others

Hello there friends and happy Monday to you all! Phew- the weather has finally been amazing here in the Chicagoland area so I'm about to continue prancing around in some jean shorts ( THESE are my go too right now ) sandals and hat to enjoy this gorgeous sunshine. How's the weather where you are? I shared a few other favorites for the summer on my Friday Favorites so check it out!

Grab a cup of coffee my friends ( or your delicious matcha green tea ) and curl up on the couch because I want to share a few questions that a few of you have been asking me about for the last few weeks. It's about how we can impact others as bloggers and it's such a great question that I thought I'd address it here for everyone to see.

How can YOU impact others? 

Well first, make sure that you're present on Instagram. That is to say, have an account on Instagram. Also, make sure your profile tells others exactly who you are and what you do. To me, it's one of the most valuable parts of your account. A few moments spent optimizing it now will make all the difference to your followers.

Be Active- If you begin to build your Instagram, some will come but they probably won't stay. If you really want to attract your followers who will engage with you, spread your message and keep coming back ,you have to become active within your community. Instagram also uses various algorithms that determine the importance of your posts based on levels of your engagement so, if you're not actively participating, your posts are less likely to be seen.

Be YOU - You don't have to be a polished posting machine from the first day- in fact, I find it better if you're not. Instagram provides an amazing opportunity to be real with your audience and take them behind the scenes to build affinity for your organization. Bring them on a journey with you. Share an easy DIY tutorial for them. Show them what posts your up too. Don't feel like wearing make up, then don't! We want to get to know who YOU are. It's less about the hard sell and more about providing content that entertains or addresses common points.

Numbers Shouldn't Count - This might be easier said then done but numbers shouldn't count when it comes to impacting others. I remember when I first started out blogging and would get comments from those I had never met saying how my positive posts would be there to help them when they woke up in the morning or how this post really changed their thought process on a certain topic.

Success Looks Different For Everyone - A few of you heard me talking about this on my InstaStories last week but if you hadn't, I wanted to share it again here on my blog. I can't stress enough that numbers shouldn't matter and success looks different for everyone in the blog world, in business, in your private and personal life. To someone, success could be making 6 figures, or it could be finally breaking 1,000 followers on one of your social platforms. It could be writing a great pitch to a favorite brand and them saying YES to working with you. My success? Sure- I've been blogging for 8 years and no where near 6 figures or having 40,000 followers and that's ok! My success is getting e-mails, DMS or comments from you all saying a post has impacted you. It's the connection that I'm making with you.

So friends, how can you impact others? What are you going to do to start this week and impact your followers, your family, your friends, your coworkers? Share in the comments below! Get after today!

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  1. It’s hard sometimes when I compare myself with others & their success. I have to remind myself to just be me!

  2. You're right, numbers shouldn't matter! Love you positive attitude and spirit!

  3. For me, it's all about creating conversation. It's easy to get caught up in the number of followers or likes on a post on IG, but I care more about if I'm creating conversation. Sometimes that may be on a post itself or it may be someone messaging me directly because they're more comfortable approaching that conversation privately. I know I'm making an impact when I'm having conversations with people.

  4. This is a wonderful post. I work on simply being authentic - if people like that and ME then they'll stay. If not... I'm probably better off without them.

  5. This is very timely for me. Some very sage points. I am guilty of starting my Instagram and then not following through, but I have been posting regularly lately so hopefully others find it useful now. Thanks for sharing.

  6. It's so easy to get wrapped up in the numbers and it's exhausting. I love the tip bring them on a journey with you.

  7. Great tips and reminder. I know I sometimes get focused on the numbers, especially on Instagram. Thanks for sharing!


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