Jun 8, 2018

4 Tips For Potty Training Boys

This post is sponsored by Pull-Ups but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.
It's certainly been different having a boy around the house.  Suddenly our pretty princess gowns, shoes, castles and make up have been moved aside with dump trucks, tractors, cars and more. Don't get me wrong, my little guy enjoys putting on a few costumes and loving his reflection in the mirror with a cute crown, but he also LOVES his tractors and trucks to no end. He's also become extremely interested in going to the bathroom with his sister. Hmm, could potty training be in our near future?

Teaching Landon how to use the potty really does require patience and time. Personally, I think the key is starting when they have started to show interest, they are willing and physically able too. Landon is only 13 months but he's showing true signs already so that in a few months, we may be going full speed ahead. So how do you know if your little one is ready to use the potty? I have a few tips!

1. Introduce potty BEFORE you begin potty training - I made this mistake when I had Lily. I thought we could just start learning before she was even ready and it did not go in our favor and took a bit longer. For Landon, now that he's curious about the toilet, the toilet paper and actually watching us go to the bathroom, I knew that he'd start to become curious and ventured out to find his own little potty to put beside ours.

2. Let Him Watch and Learn - Toddlers learn by imitation and if they watch you use the bathroom, it's really the first big step. Your little guy may notice that Dad uses the potty differently that Mommy does. Don't be embarrassed about this! It actually is a great opportunity to explain the basic mechanics of how boys use the bathroom and how his sister uses it differently. We teach both kids to call their private parts their "pee-pee" and it doesn't sound as silly.

3. Use Huggies Pull Ups - When it comes time to purchasing underwear but you're still not sure if it's a good time, you'll want a diaper that gives them that underwear feel while still protecting! It also gives them the feeling and function like underwear to help them feel like a big kid! We actually purchase our Pull-Ups through Amazon and it helps us save up to $3! Shoppers like yourself can also sign up for Amazon's Subscribe and Save program that allows you to save up to 20% when you order 5 products through Amazon Family + free shipping!

4. Celebrate Triumphs - Your son will of course have a few accidents but eventually he will enjoy the accomplishment of making something in the potty. Celebrate the moment with him! Share the huge milestone by rewarding him with a 'big kid' privilege such as watching a new movie or staying longer at the playground! Try not to make a huge deal of every trip to the potty but give them that attention they need when they make something happen!
June is actually National Potty Training Month and I'm helping to raise awareness about how parents can rely on Pull Ups to be there when their big kids are ready to start potty training! It's such an exciting moment in your child's life! Pull-Ups actually have helped train over 50 million big kids and counting! Huggies can help with your transition. They are a great middle ground between diapers and big kid undies. As the name suggests, they are easy to pull up for your little one to practice. They have closure at the sides like diapers in case you need to do a quick change. The best part? They come with familiar characters your little ones know and love ( Landon is a huge Mickey Mouse fan! ). Right now, you can get them for 20% off from Amazon Subscribe & Save! Your little ones will be willing and ready to put on his new big boy training pants soon thanks to your help with Huggies!

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  1. This is such a timely read for us. Our little man is 20 months old and know this is going to be our biggest challenge yet. I’m pretty anxious about it. These are some great tips to bookmark to come back to when he’s ready.

  2. Aww your little one is absolutely adorable!!! It’s been such a long time since I potty trained my boys but this brand was the only brand of pull ups that worked for us.... I
    Other brands leaked or caused rashes but this brand was the one that did great for us!

  3. Nice post. I have a lot of friends who would really appreciate this post. I am not yet a mother but I think these are some really good tips for potty training boys.

  4. I think these are great tips for training girls and boys. I'm currently training my daughter and I do all of the above! She's really starting to get the hang of it and she enjoys being independent.

  5. Its amazing how well he poses for pictures. He is truly a natural and he sold me this product. Thanks man!

  6. your boy is so cute! These are great tips for potty training, I'm done with it here, my youngest is three and she's a "big girl" ;)

  7. These are great tips for potty training. I like the tip of introducing the potty before you need it, thats a good idea.

  8. looks like your baby loves this diaper. lovely pictures

  9. Your baby boy is cute! Photos are very sweet and post is very interesting and informative.

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