Jun 12, 2018

9 Items To Keep In Your Car At All Times

Being a parent can be overwhelming and I'm always one to say I'd rather be "safe than sorry" when it comes to keeping things in my car. There are just certain things I can't seem to not carry and almost always come in handy when I need them the most! I wanted to share a few things to keep in your car that you'll make sure you want to make sure you have at all times.
1. Plastic Bags - You wouldn't think of it but if my kids ever get car sickness ( and even I get them on occasion ) I always have plastic bags to use to put dirty clothes/shoes or whatever in them. The same goes for wet bathing suits if we decide to go to the pool.

2. Hand Sanitizer- I'm one to get a little crazy with hand sanitizer at times, I'll admit. If my kids are out at the playground, the museum or wherever, I make sure to put a few spritz on their hands before and after.

3. Snacks - You can never have too many snacks when it comes to road trips or just a quick errand. Usually I have a few RX bars in the car if I get stuck in traffic or Veggie Straws for the kids to enjoy together.

4. Umbrella - I've been caught in so many rain storms lately with the summer heat and somehow forget an umbrella! You never know when the weather will open up and start pouring so pack a few easy cheap ones to grab and go!

5. Wet Wipes - Similar to have hand sanitizer, I feel like you can never have enough wet wipes at all times. From wiping down spills to cleaning up sticky hands, its always in my car and purse.

6. Extra Clothes - I'm notorious for putting on white pants or shirt and spilling either my coffee or something on it. I'll put extra clothes for me and the kids too! This includes a sweatshirt or jacket incase we stuck somewhere, blanket and socks for us!

7. Pen and Paper - I'm always one to have my phone on me but on occasionally I like to write notes down on a piece of paper. It comes in handy if my phone dies ( which can happen here and there ).

8. Water - While I always have water in my car for myself, I make sure to keep fresh ones in there before I leave for the day.

9. First Aid Kit - I like to try and be as prepared as possible for when something scary could happen so I have to have a first aid kit in my car, even for the occasional scrape or cut that my children both seem to have all the time. Skinned knees are what my toddler has 24/7 ha.

** Bonus! To store all my items that I need, I always have this foldable trunk organizer to handle everything! Be on the look out for a giveaway to win YOUR OWN on my Instagram ! **

What are some must need items for you to have in your car?

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  1. I carry most of all of these items with me at all times. I don't have a first aid kit though. I need to look into getting one! Water and snacks are a must because I never know if I am going to be stuck in traffic when I travel.

  2. Thanks for the reminder! I really need to be prepared with these items in case of an emergency. Great tips!

  3. Great tips! I keep a foldable trunk organizer, but don't keep anything in it. But I'll be adding items from the list you shared to it. Thanks!!

  4. I love this, it is so true! And I love the idea of a foldable organizer, I can't believe I had never thought about that!

  5. Haha! I have all of these things in my car including the folding trunk organizer...and then some. I like to be prepared!

  6. YAAASSS. Wet wipes and plastic bags are a staple! I have a lot of these and I have to have a phone charger because I am forever NOT paying attention to how much battery I have in my phone, lol! Oh, and I have one of these trunk organizers and they are AWESOME.

  7. I am all for the first aid kit! we dont travel without one and it has come in handy so many times! Also baby wipes for EVERYTHING! Such great items to keep in your car. Just be careful with the water in plastic bottles.

  8. Love how it's all stored. I don't drive - so I don't have a car - but I do try and always have hand sanitizer and a snack with me. My mom loves to have wipes on hand as well!


  9. Aaah! In need that trunk organizer! LOVE it! I also include a car care emergency kit by "Justin Case." (I have a link on my site. You would be a great affiliate for them, especially with this post!) Great reminder list just in time for summer travels! Wishing you a fabulous summer!

  10. All great suggestions! You have to be ready for anything!

  11. YES, yes, yes. You nailed it, exactly what I try to have in the car at all times after living and learning with my four over the last 9 years. Perfect list.

  12. YESSSS! As a mom of 2, I feel like I pack my entire house even when I'm taking the kids to the grocery store. I always have wipes, sanitizer and snacks fully stocked in my car.


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