Jul 20, 2018

6 Things I'm Loving!

Hello there and happy Friday from a little coffee shop this morning! I've set up shop for a few hours while I wait for Zach to get off work and then we are jetting off on a plane to head to Italy later tonight! It's crazy to me that we've been planning this trip for over a year now and it's finally here! I can't wait to share everything and anything with you in the days to come ( don't worry a huge travel guide is being put together! )

I haven't written in so long and while I know a few of you were asking why, the truth of it is, I just needed the break! I haven't been feeling motivated or inspired and I didn't feel like putting content out there if I wasn't excited to share with you. I have a few posts for next week coming while I'm gone but you can follow along on my Insta Stories to watch where we are and what we're up too!

I wanted to share a few things I'm enjoying this week since many of you are saying this is a favorite series of yours! So grab your own large mug of coffee ( or water/tea ) and leave what you're enjoying in the comments below too!

1. Tan Mules- I saw these mules when bloggers were talking about the Nordstrom Anniv. sale and thought these mules were so stinkin cute! I just adore the color, the fit and how they are perfect for going into fall!

2. Sword And Scale Podcast - I've been on the hunt for a new podcast to listen too and my cousins both turned me on to this one over the weekend! HOLY COW! It's a murder mystery podcast of various cases told by witnesses and let me just say, they are CHILLING!  Listen too it and let me know what you think!

3. Gratitude - I've been practicing the easy way of gratitude and what that means to me both large and small. I recently just shared 3 things I'm grateful for on my Instagram too! I've been writing down 3 things I'm grateful for each day.

4. Overnight Oats- I go through phases where I love to make these overnight oats every morning! I love pairing mine with oats, yogurt and top it with various berries in the morning. I'm in a pick strawberry kick as well as a few scoops of peanut butter. YUM!

5. James Avery Earrings - I'll be sharing more of these earrings next week but they are so freaking cute. As someone as not really a big earring person, I love how cute and easy they are to style and I'll be taking them with me on this trip!

6. "Life Is Too Short For Fake Cheese and Fake Friends" - This article was brought to my attention yesterday and this now season of my life, it could not be more fitting. Read it. I know you'll love it.

What are some items you are loving this week?
Share with me what you're plans are this weekend! 
How do you practice gratitude? 

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  1. Oh, I'm excited to check out that podcast. I also love that you write down 3 things you're grateful for each day. I'm going to start doing that too! What a great way to keep a positive outlook. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I’ve always wanted to try overnight oats and love those mules!! So adorable

  3. Love the overnight oats, thanks for the recipe, I'm going to try this!

  4. I have always wanted to try overnight oats! I will definitely be trying this recipe out. Also, I will have to check out the podcast. I've been really into My Favorite Murder and I'm always looking for new podcasts!


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