Jul 6, 2018

6 Year Wedding Anniversary ( And 6 Wedding Gift Ideas )

Happy Friday friends! Today I'm actually in the car on the way to Iowa with my little family to celebrate a belated 4th of July with our family members. I'm super excited to have the time to be with my in-laws and nieces/nephews for a few days.

We actually are able to celebrate a little bit this morning as well because it's Zach and my 6 year wedding anniversary. Over the years we actually stopped giving gifts because we've been saving for our home, saving for our kids camps or rather..this year saving for our trip to the Almafi Coast in about three weeks! ( See our FOUR YEAR Anniversary )
Over the last 6 years our family has done gone through many changes. Moving to our first home, than finding out a few months later getting transferred to Atlanta, had our sweet Landon, moved back to Chicago area and now building our third home. Goodness! It's been such a fun little roller coaster with the occasional downs but many ups. ( See our 10 year dating anniversary )

Of course with any marriage there are a few things I've wanted to share some cute gift ideas + our  FIVE YEAR Advice )  )

1. Amazon Echo - We seriously are obsessed with our Amazon Echo. We actually received it for Christmas a few years ago and it's our little personal assistant. It reminds us upcoming meetings, reminders for things I need to get at the store and plays some great hits.

2.  Drill and Tool Kit - If your man is a handy one like my own, then this is a must for him! Zach loves his power tools and THIS ONE is already under $50!

3. Jenga - We love playing games, especially fun games in the summer involving all our friends! Jenga is such a popular one ( even with a few adult beverages ha ) and I found this one for under $12! It's such a great idea!

4. Express Maker - For the coffee lover in your life ( or maybe just yourself ) we adore having a big old cup of joe in the morning. It's the best and THIS ONE has been on our list for a few years! It's a bit pricey but you have so many options to make so many different varieties of coffee!

5.  Veggie Spiralizer - Trying to be healthier? I can't rave about our vegetable spiralizer with you all! Delicious zoodles, crunchy fries..the list is endless and soo easy to make! I want THIS VEGETABLE SLIDER too!

6. HOME Sign - I love putting up cute quotes or signs around or home and THIS ONE really caught my eye because it's so true ha. As we get older, we'd much rather stay in with our little family or friends on a Friday or Saturday night.

What are some items you enjoy giving? 
Any wedding/ dating advice? 

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  1. Wow, you've been through a lot in six years! Some great gift ideas in here and I agree about the cute quotes. I love them, too!

  2. Happy year six of marriage! Wow, you have such a GORGEOUS family!!!! I'm coming up on my year 1 of marriage and I have NO CLUE what to give for a gift!!!!

  3. This was so needed. My 2 year anniversary is about to come up and the expresso maker wounds like a win! Thank you for sharing.

  4. What a fun post! Happy Anniversary & thanks for the gift ideas! :)

    Kendra B.

  5. Happy anniversary girl!! Loving that home sign!

  6. I have actually gotten many of these things for my partner! He has a few tool kits actually, plus a vegetable spiralizer for when he's feeling adventurous in the kitchen, a bunch of board games we like to play when the power goes off (which is a lot, it's strange), and we recently got a coffee machine that he loves! Fantastic list ☺️

  7. Happy anniversary! You have done a lot in just 6 years!! Lol and I totally love these gifts. I wonder how I can subtly hint to my husband that we NEED an espresso machine lol. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  8. This is perfect! I have so many weddings coming up!



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