Jul 24, 2018

How to Slow Down For Date Night

This post is sponsored by James Avery. I am a July James Avery Ambassador and all thoughts, opinions and pictures are my own. 
This summer has been anything but relaxing but that's ok! My family and I have been on the go since we moved back to Chicago, gathering what we need for our new home that we're building and getting out into the sunshine and pool any chance we get! Summer is just fun like! It's unpredictable, spontaneous ( like enjoying an ice cream cone before dinner...opps ) and full of excitement. However, I do realize there do need to be moments to slow down and actually enjoy everything too!

The other night Zach and I wanted to go on a spontaneous date night together and I was looking for something cute to add to my outfit. How gorgeous are these blue earrings I found from James Avery? They are a triplet eat hook with this gorgeous milky quartz, mother-of pearl and green agate which helps really dress up the outfit. It actually was an inspiration by the architecture and colors of the Grand Palais in Paris!

On our date night, we usually rush to dinner, rush through dinner and then rush back to the kids. We were lucky that our kids are actually staying the week with my in-laws so we didn't feel so crazy to get back to them. Blissful is more like it. So how can you slow down during a date night?

1. Walk - We were able to be near a lovely restaurant that had shops outside, areas to sit and people watch and walk from place to place. Instead of driving up and valeting the car, we parked far away so we could walk and take our time to take in the scenery of it all.

2. Order An Appetizer - Zach and I are both ones to get to the main course but it's because we both are usually pretty hungry. Why not enjoy each course and grab an appetizer to split together! On occasion we both pick something that neither of us have had before to try and expand our palate. There have been a few occasions where we were both loved our appetizer more than our main course!

3. Celebrate - Date nights are truly a point for celebration ( especially if you're a parent ). Why not use it as a celebration and the reason doesn't really matter- just that you're out! Grab you're favorite bottle of wine or dessert to enjoy! It's a night out so it's worth splurging a bit!

4. Take Your Time - It can be difficult of course but enjoy and take your time together. It's not often that you go out without your children so take your time! Hold hands. Laugh. Take in the moments together.
How do you slow down for date night? 
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  1. So glad y'all got to enjoy a nice summer date night. :) These earrings matched your outfit so well!

    xoxo A

  2. We always love ordering an appetizer especially if we go to one of our favorite places. Great tips! Those earrings are gorgeous, too!

  3. Beautiful earrings! And walking is a nice way to slow down an evening...and digest some of that food afterward. :)


  4. I couldn't agree with this more! And those earrings from James Avery are stunning!

  5. Your earrings are beautiful! I love that shade of blue. My BF and I love getting apps. My favorite dates are strolling up and down a quaint neighborhood called Chestnut Hill (in Philadelphia) and eating, shopping, and grabbing coffee.

  6. Love this. It is so easy to rush through date night (especially if you have kids!). Sometimes it is so nice to reconnect.

  7. Cait! I love these tips. I'm always in a rush, so taking a moment like this will be much needed!

  8. You look gorgeous friend! Love that y'all got to have a fun date night!

  9. The walk and pleasant communication in the restaurant are the basis of a successful evening. It does not require much effort from one side or the other. It is important to get positive emotions.


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