Oct 16, 2018

Bedtime Routines For 4 And Younger

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Hover over the image for more product information and to purchaseTo be honest, I was always good at having my children on routine when we lived in Atlanta. They knew when dinner was, followed by bath and then books and sleeping. Since moving back to my hometown in Chicago, our kids routines are all over the place and I can tell that their moods have been affected by not having a routine in place. 
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I decided that we needed to reestablish a bedtime routine again, a set bed time for all of us know because we all do better when we know what's expected. My husband and I both are able to participate in the routine as well which I know both our kids enjoy because they just want some extra time with the two of us. So what's a good routine for your little ones besides running around and chasing them after a towel? These 5 steps really help our toddlers and I think they'll help yours as well. 

1. Winding Down - Give a few minute warning to let your children know its almost time to get ready for bed and may help with tantrums and transitions. Before, I would say "ok! It's time for bed" and it was chaos. Both my children would begin crying and I would feel my anxiety start to climb. Now, I give them a 5 minutes, 2 minutes and 1 minute warning to let them know that there is a countdown and they aren't so upset about transitioning from playing to bath time. It's sincerely helped the meltdowns ( and for me to think ). 

2. Bath Time - Giving a bath before bed can calm both kids down. I love using soothing soaps and lotions like  JOHNSON’S® to help my kids relax, feel their best and keep their skin feeling soft in the summer months. It's gentle to use and love that there are no parabens, no phthalates, hypoallergenic  or Landon's sensitive skin.  The wash actually smells amazing and one of my favorites to use on my little guy. 

3. Gentle Massage- Having a 3-5 minute massage after bath time with  JOHNSON’S® gives my kids the quiet time plus helps relax their muscles before bed. It allows them to breathe in the soothing aroma of the lotion too. The easier to use pumps allows me to just worry about making sure my child's skin is smooth and creamy and the less worrying this Mom has to do, the better! 

4. Read - My kids adore picking out books to read after a cozy bath. We grab as many blankets and pillows as we can to snuggle together. 

5. Hugs And Reassurance- My kids need a few hugs, kisses and reassurance to stay in bed to get the best possible sleep they can. I always say I love you to them and assure them I'm always here if they need anything. Once they feel safe, snuggled and soothed, they fall asleep within minutes!

We found all our Johnson's lotions at our local Target! It's our one stop shop to find everything we need to keep the kids happy, clean and feeling the best they can. 

How does routine help your little ones fall asleep?
Do you enjoy using Johnson products too?

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  1. With young children, having a routine is SO very important. Awesome post, thanks for sharing!

  2. Love the Johnson bedtime series... it smells so relaxing. Having a routine is a mush for youngsters however when those 2 year molars come in poor babies get all thrown off.

  3. Winding down and bath time are sooo important to bedtime routines. Both lets my son know its bedtime no matter if we are at home, visiting family, or on vacation.

    xx Tatyanna


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