Sep 22, 2018

Weekend Readings

Happy weekend friends! We're in the process of moving into our new home this weekend so I am so excited to share all things home decor with you in the near future! Not to worry friends, it's a long time coming because of all the decisions we made when we built this home that I'm so giddy to finally be able to put things into practice.

Until then, I wanted to jump on here to share a few things I think will peak your interest this weekend if you're enjoying a low key one!

Currently Readings:

This article about the STRONGEST woman may be the most broken.

As a fellow preemie graduate, this NICU article for Mom's really hit my heart strings

If Adults Acted Like Children THIS is seriously so accurate

Cozy Home Decor is my love language right now

This pull over fleece sweatshirt is incredibly soft

Looking for lounging joggers-- THESE are a must

When life is in a difficult season for Mom's..READ this

What are some things you're excited for this weekend?

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