Oct 24, 2018

3 Ways to Act Like A Kid Again

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Do you ever sit back and actually observe your children playing? I mean not just the moments where your kids are playing nicely together but listening to them talk to one another, encouraging their imagination to run wild or just their conversation and eye contact? Granted, my children are about three and a half years apart so it can be difficult for Lily to understand what her brother may be saying the majority of the time. 
When she becomes frustrated and wanting to actually have a conversation with someone, I decided that I would jump in and enjoy pretending with her! In fact, I realized how I haven't had the time to do much of that and loved my experience that I wanted to share some ways you can even act like a kid again..at least for a little while!
1. Always smile and laugh as much as you can.- Kids are so happy all the time. Going to the shops is like an adventure to Egypt. Kids smile heaps and laugh at the silliest things. As an adult, you could do with a lot more of this. Smile more. Laugh at stupid jokes. Go see a comedian once in a while and let your hair down! 
2. Let your imagination run wild.- Back when you were a kid, you’d play with your toys and pretend they were real right? My daughter loves playing with PLAYMOBIL Take Along Police Station and I love playing with her! I let her take the lead and share what the characters will do. She's been really loving what police officers can do for our community, our home and they help chase the 'bad guys'.  She even makes up her own voices for the police officers and the 'bad guy' who goes to jail. I love that PLAYMOBIL has such great attention to details around iconic figures like these police officers. We put together not only the jail for the robber but also a computer area complete with walke-talkies, a telephone and a wanted poster. 

3. Be creative once a week.- Most of our childhood was spent being creative. It’s when we did our best work and where we earned the accolades that children strive for. Creativity will help you: think big, get out of your head, come up with new ideas and create something new. I loved seeing how Lily was creative in her ability to play with these realistic figures, talk about how the police officers were going to help the neighborhood and catch the bad guy to be put in jail. We even brought our play to the car when we passed a police station and Lily exclaimed she was excited to see the real officers helping our town. 

I purchased her new PLAYMOBIL set at my local Walmart. Lily really enjoyed picking out her new toy as well as helping to set it all up by following the instructions I gave. I plan on finding other sets that she can enjoy playing ( and who knows, maybe I'll make sure my husband gets some time to be a kid again as well ). I admit, I loved the extra time I got to spend with my daughter. 

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  1. I think the 'be creative every week' rule is a good one to live by! Great ideas and lovely photos <3

  2. Love this idea. We like to play with legos with the boys, it's a great way to creative.

  3. Love, love, love this post! I'm known for being a kid at heart and people often say it's their favourite thing about me. Whilst I live out of home and do regular adult things like work, clean and pay bills, I also know how to have fun and how to see the world through the eye's of a child, and it really makes everything around me seem a whole lot more amazing!

  4. What a sweet post! I think we sometimes take imagination for granted. We try to push kids to "be mature" and to "grow up." When really, they will NEVER get these years back. We can learn so much from kids.


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