Oct 12, 2018

Tips for Hosting Your First Dinner Party

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Happy Friday friends! I'm sharing a really fun post today all about hosting your first dinner party! As new home owners, Zach and I knew we wanted a home that had easy flow from room to room because we knew we wanted to entertain friends and family as often as possible.

Now it can seem a bit overwhelming to host a dinner party with friends but fear not, it's actually a lot easier than you think.

1. Add Cute Touches - These adorable dishes couldn't be more fun to add to your home. They are available in red plaid or black and white stripes ( both with gold trim ) and really get everything looking organized and decorative! Personally, I tell my guests they can put their car keys in the dish so they aren't worried about where they are all night.

2. Wear An Apron - Sometimes I will be cooking while my guests sit and enjoy appetizers. I use a cutting board that's large enough for various cheeses, meats and fruit for them to munch on while I finish in the kitchen. This apron is a favorite of mine because I love that I can personalize it and the scallops are so sweet.

3. Have Fun - During dinner, it can be a lot of fun to catch up and chat about your day, or the kids or any upcoming trips! Make sure to keep it light and don't take yourself to hard on everything. If something gets burned, it's ok. There is no need to make sure everything is perfect and you're friends don't expect it. Just enjoy the time together.

4. Serve coffee and dessert - One of the things we love to do after dinner is have some down time to talk and enjoy coffee and dessert. These cute coffee mugs caught my eye and my guests always enjoy their festive touches during the holiday season. This one is a cute personalized one too to serve to your guests. I also bring out some blankets if it's cold out for friends to get cozy with while we chat.  This leopard one is a favorite of mine!

5. Add Music - Don't forget the tunes! I like to make a playlist full of new and upcoming songs as well as classical ones to enjoy while we eat. I also change the music when it's after dinner and we can either have some fun dancing music too.

What are some essentials you have for hosting a dinner party?

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  1. I definitely agree with the coffee and dessert. Who doesn't love them?! I haven't hosted in a while but I would love to soon!

  2. I don't think I've ever thrown a dinner party other than our annual friendsgiving each year, but I have so much fun decorating and prepping for it! I think I need to have them more often throughout the year!

  3. Honestly, remembering to have fun would be the hardest part for me! We NEVER have people over because I'd just stress way too much, but we did have our first guest in 3 years over the other night and I actually loved it, so I'd really like to work my way up to having a dinner party someday!

  4. Great tips! I usually spend way more time picking out the playlist than planning the menu : ) Your post is a reminder of how much I like dinner parties!

  5. Love these tips!! Hosting a dinner party is so much fun, I know people thing it is stressful but really good food good company great music how could one go wrong!!


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