Nov 21, 2018

An Experience To Never Forget Thanks To The Chicago Blackhawks

This post is sponsored by the Chicago Blackhawks. All opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that make this possible!
Growing up in the Chicagoland area, my parents always made it a point to share the ins and outs of what our city has to offer. Deep dish pizza? Of course! Chicago style hot dogs? It's always on the menu. Attending Blackhawks games as a child? It was checked off my bucket list when I was in middle school. I'm actually not a huge sports fan, but there is something about hockey that gets me so hyped up.

I was able to attend a Blackhawks game with Zach which was even more exciting because despite us being together for 11 years, we had never been able to attend a game together! I love being able to share the excitement of his first Blackhawks vs the St. Louis Blues at the United Center. So what is about hockey that really gets us in the game?

For me, I love that there is always something going on, always something for the eye to follow, always something going on behind the play and always something to cheer and scream about! That fight going on in the corner? The penalty box that the players have to now sit in? That player that just totally checked the other one right in the ribs?! It's so exciting!

Why else is a hockey game so intense? It's a full contact sport! These players need to be in the best physical shape to compete and all it takes is one well placed hit to send some of the best players crashing hard onto the ice. These players lose teeth or take a flying puck to the face! Sometimes even fist fights happen! Again, there is something that happens at every turn so it's best to just keep your eyes on the game, wait for the big loud goal horn to sound and scream as loud as you can for your team!
The Chicago Blackhawks team was also kind enough to send Zach and me some incredible merchandise like this puffer black vest with the Blackhawks logo on it, a super comfortable sweatshirt, an Alex and Ani bracelet and a cute Blackhawks hat! Zach was even gifted an extremely soft t-shirt and black Blackhawks coat which he could not stop raving about. All the items are perfect for transitioning from fall to winter and showing your team spirit!

Are you a huge Blackhawks fan too?! Can't wait to cheer on your favorite hockey team? I'm giving away TWO tickets to a 2018-2019 Blackhawks home game to one of you! All you need to do is go HERE to my Instagram to enter starting tonight at 8pm central time to win!

Are you ever attended a Chicago Blackhawks game? If so, what if you think of the experience? I can't wait to hear your comments below and be sure to purchase tickets here if you're ever
interested in attending a game.
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  1. Sounds fun! I haven't been to a hockey game, but it seems that hockey is very entertaining. There is a hockey team in the state I live in, may have to think about checking it out. Glad you and Zach had an awesome time.

  2. I am SO happy you got to share that with Zach! I'm a huge HUGE Blackhawks fan. I love the fast pace of the game and the fights 😊

  3. This sounds like such an awesome experience! I’ve never been to a hockey match, but I’ve always wanted to attend one. Thank you for sharing such a neat experience with us :-)

  4. I'm not really a sports girl but I have been to a couple minor league hockey games and I think they're so fun to watch! Looks like you had a great time. :)

    xoxo A

  5. I love sports, but I have never been to a hockey game before! Hockey isn't that big in Kentucky, but back in the 90s, my city had a hockey team called the The Kentucky Thoroughblades (they are defunct now). I've always wanted to go to Chicago, so I could try the pizza haha!

  6. I grew up going to hockey games with my dad. I live in Las Vegas now and we just got a hockey team last year. Going to games is so much fun!

  7. Hockey games are amazing. I miss attending them since I live in Japan now and hockey isn't big here.

  8. I loooove hockey and attending hockey games! I'm going to miss them for about a year or two since I moved to Australia and hockey isn't big out here.


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