Dec 31, 2018

2018 In Review

Over the last few years I've been loving doing a full recap of the entire year. I've done a few ( 2017, 2016 ) and it really helped me reflect on so much of growth, blessings and all that we've gone through. This year was a whirlwind for sure looking back from finally finding out if our family was going to be moving again, to building our third home, to getting readjusted to the cold in Chicago again ha, and who could forget me actually NOT working ( at least in the corporate world ) and taking this blog of mine full time! Eek! Here's a few of the fun and crazy things you may have missed over the last 12 months!

I love starting the year off with "words to live by " instead of a resolution for myself and I loved all the words I chose to help bring me more centered for the year.
Zach shocked me for my Christmas gift by taking us to see Harry Potter World  ( I'm a Potterhead for life ) and we had the best time with our friends! Truly a dream come true for me. I flew from Georgia to Chicago to celebrate my cousin's bachelorette party which was such a blast! We also celebrated my big FOUR YEAR OLD daughter's birthday! I'm already in denial she'll be five in a month and going to Kindergarten!

The four of us flew back to Chicago to enjoy a festive weekend for my cousin's wedding. It was such a magical time to be surrounded by friends and family and I think my sister and I 'killed it' with our MOH speech! Part 2 is here. I shared an intimate moment of my growing girl 'needing me' and it broke my heart how much I need her too.
Zach and I tried out an amazing restaurant called "First Watch" and vowed to try and get back asap. Farm to table is our new thing. Finding great places like this are my love language.

After about 6-8 months of nervously awaiting what would happen with our family during a big merger that my husband's company was going through, we got a confirmation letter saying that he was accepted a job...back in my hometown! We were going to be moving from Atlanta ( where we loved calling home the last four years ) to be closer to family. Let me tell you, we were pretty emotional telling our loved ones we were coming back. It was such an exciting time and bittersweet. We had such a hub of amazing friends that are truly family.
This post almost went semi viral talking about body shaming and how even slender/skinny people feel the hurtful words people say. I also shared about how we house hunted for a week in the Chicagoland area and decided that building a home was going to be our best option. Eek! So many decisions to make! I also talked about ways to be a better wife as well as how to overcome being a work-a-holic.

We noticed Landon was still having issues with bananas after started him on puree foods from one of my favorite baby food companies, Little Spoon.
I also decided to take a huge leap of faith and take my blog full time. I mean, I've always been putting a lot of time and effort into my blog over the last 8+ years of being here but now I was going to be a SAHM and work! I shared how much I was going to miss everyone we came to love and call family after we officially moved from Atlanta to Chicago - it truly takes a village to raise tiny humans. I also explained stealing to my daughter who had her coat stolen at an event she and my Mom went too.
We celebrated Landon's first birthday and I wrote him a sweet letter for his big year with us! I loved that we were able to celebrate with so many family members and new friends.

While we were building our home, my family of four moved into my parent's home for the next 5 months. I shared how it was living with them as an adult ( it wasn't my first time either ha ). My big one year old loved the water and this floating device really helped him get used to it quickly!
My Grandmother turned 92 this month and I truly enjoyed being there to celebrate her and all her accomplishment over the last 92 years, including all she's taught me!
I took the weekend to visit my SIL and her kids to their town of Pella to enjoy Tulip Time, a Norwegian tradition! It was such a blast and we loved getting to know one another a big more during our time together. I had my first Internet Troll in a while so I shared how to deal with them if you ever feel someone is attacking you and your blog. My MomTribe expanded and my heart is feeling so full.
We had a great Memorial Day low key weekend filled with lots of treats and grilled food and laughter.

This was a super busy month for us as we had a lot of exiting things planned. I wrote a post about all the items we keep in our car during our long road trips back to Iowa.
I also discovered my husband's love language of egg, ham and cheese breakfast sandwiches and this has been one of the most popular items you all search for on my blog! I got a good taste of lies that SAHM face everyday and thought I'd try to put a bit of that into perspective. We celebrated Father's Day with a delicious brunch with family. I also loved making this watermelon feta salad.

Are you finding ways to be happy? This post might help! My daughter told me that I was the 'unfun parent' and many of you said your kids have told you the same! I also shared a great post on how to 'kill with kindness' for the haters in your life. Self Care is SUPER important and I'm somehow now just finding that out ha.
We also flew to Positano, Italy with my immediate family and oh my gosh- life changing you guys! Here's a post on EVERTYHING TO DO in Positano , the 3 must things to do in ONE tour. and our amazing experience in Capri.

Are you looking to live your best life? I shared a few tips that have helped me. I also love our BONA sweeper and a few favorites from this month.


I was having a few FOMO moments during this month. I also started a "Cozy Series" sharing Home Decor and other cozy pajamas! I loved making this one pot chili recipe too!

Lily and I had a blast creating our own DIY Troll pumpkin together! The big day FINALLY came and we moved into our new built home so I shared how we are stocking up with amazing items from one of my favorite places to shop! I loved acting like a kid again with my babies as well as teaching them about inclusive play.

Things slowed down a bit this month as we were still dealing with Landon's allergies but found this great formula to help him. I created a great Homebody Gift Guide for those that love staying in like myself. Zach and I had a blast bringing the kids to a ball pit place to play.
I surprised my sweet husband with a night out for his first Blackhawks game together and his reaction was priceless the entire time. A true kid at a candy store with wide eyes and cheering on our boys to a win! We enjoyed a lovely Thanksgiving at home with family to share our new home!

This was our busiest month yet! Zach went to his annual deer camp weekend and they had such a great first day that they actually finished with 16 deer! Their best yet in 10 years of working together!

The second weekend I flew out to Cancun for my little sister's Bachelorette party! The weather was perfect and I took the break to soak in the sun, sand and all the year's blessings.

We celebrate Christmas with the family and friends, a gorgeous bridal shower for my sister and enjoyed the new year with my cousins and family members.

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  1. looks like you had a great year! i hope 2019 brings you joy!
    - lora /

  2. happy new year girl! loved reading about your year


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