Dec 8, 2018

Making The Most of Multi Kid Bathtime

This post is sponsored by Triple Soap and Triple Wash on behalf of Everywhere Agency; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.
When I was pregnant with Landon, I was pretty anxious about being able to juggle handling two kids at once. Granted their age gap is about three and a half years, but it can still be tricky when one is a baby and the other is a toddler. Let's be honest, when it comes to eating, running errands, or my personal favorite circus time, bath time, it's a lot to handle!

Now that Landon is a year and a half, he's able to take a bath with his older sister which he adores! Lily is such a busy bee in the tub that I tried to find something for her to do while I give her brother a bath with Triple Wash, which I discovered on Amazon. Then, I found its sister-product, Triple Soap and thought it was perfect for Lily! With Triple Soap, she can be kept busy learning how to use this perfectly kid-sized bar soap, aka allowing her to wash her body all by herself, while I bathe Landon.

Did you know that while your toddler grows, Triple Soap can help empower your little one to start bathing themselves just like Mommy and Daddy do! It also has a fun, embossed bear that children can watch slowly melt away because the soap is exceptionally long-lasting!
Triple Soap is an all-natural soap bar that is safe and gentle for everyday use on sensitive skin, like Landon has, and normal skin, like Lily has. It really helps to soothe your child's diaper rash, eczema or dermatitis. Both the Triple Wash and Triple Soap are both fragrance free, which I actually enjoy so it's not overwhelming for all of us while I wash the kids. Triple Wash is a mild, all-in-one shampoo and body wash designed for your kid’s skin.

The time that we have with our kids is precious and even after a long, busy, and chaotic day, bath time for me is a time to unwind, talk about our day, and just be silly together. It's our bonding time and I truly enjoy making it a time that everyone can relax while nourishing my children's skin.

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  1. Okay I haven't heard of this brand but they sound amazing. My niece & nephew have super sensitive skin so I'll have to let my sister know about these.


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