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Hello there friends! I began my blogging journey back in 2010 when I was in graduate school and wanting something fun to start. Blogging took me from graduating with my Masters, traveling a month in Europe, getting engaged, getting married, starting a family and moving to Georgia. All of this was written with love under an old blog and I realized I wanted more for a blog. So began Cait's Cozy Corner.

Here you'll find posts of the ups and downs of parenting, the high's and lows of being a full time working Mom, the awful recipes I attempt to create, the fashion I adore, the new places I'm hoping to visit and above all, the inspiration and guidance I hope to give you with every post. I'm a hard working wife, mom and friend and I hope when you visit my little corner of the blog world, you'll feel right at home. Feel free to take a look at my media kit as well to see if we'd be a great fit!

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