Jan 30, 2016

The Two's Are Not Terrible..They're Terrific!

Whenever I tell people that Lily will turn two, they give me a pat on the back and say 'good luck with the terrible two's.' Of course Lily has had her moments, in a grocery store, with a crowd of people screaming her head off because Zach or I wouldn't give her a toy she wanted or to get up and walk around. Who wouldn't get frustrated that you can't make your own decisions yet and the ripe old age of two!? For our little independent toddler, it's a nightmare but I get it.

Today, my darling little daughter leaves behind her year of firsts. Her first time of walking, of moving across the country, of meeting new friends in a new place, moving into a new home and most of all, moving forward. Lily has made so much progress in the last year. She's learning words and attempting to count, even if she only manages to repeat 'siiiiixxxx, sevooonnn, teeeennn' when we do it together. She can sign 'more' which she also uses when she wants something to eat or drink. She loves laughing, running around outside ( goodness how an outdoors woman she has become! ) jumping and swinging around, coloring and loving every dog and cat that she sees.

For me, I don't see this next big year as a terrible part in her life. I see it as a terrific part. She has so much to look forward to, so much to explore, so much to do. She's such a friendly and sweet little girl to her teachers, to strangers or rather to anyone that she comes in contact with. We've been beyond blessed to have such a trusting and social butterfly that everyone just can't help but love being around her. She's full of energy but has her moments of cuddling or taking my hand to say "I love hanging out with you Momma". She's the first student to open the door to new kids that come into her classroom, take them by the hand and show them around. Her teachers call her the 'guide' to those new students because she wants them to feel welcome and safe like she does. I hope she never looses that touch.

I'm moved to tears that thinking another year has come and gone so quickly. It's been a struggle for the three of us, not being around family when we moved to Georgia. Lily has really shown Zach and myself that change is good and we can all adapt together. She's the light of our life and I am honored that I can say I'm her Mother.

Happy Birthday my lovely Lily. May this year be full of challenge, courage and above all confidence that you're doing the best you can. After all, two's are to be a terrific time, not terrible, wouldn't you agree?

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  1. I agree with you.. I LOVED when Austin was two. By far my favorite age!!! They become such funny little people!!! Happy Birthday Lily!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Lilly!!!! I do not have a chid, but I have a nephew and they are so fun to watch learn new thing! 2 is such a fun age!

  3. Oh how I loved the terrific twos with both my girls! Such a great age!! Now when they were three I found that to be more of a challenge, but goodness to dub it terrible...nah! Happy two year fun Lily and family!!


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