Mar 31, 2016

Party Girl Review

Hello and happy Thursday! If you're joining us for the first time, welcome! Each month I host a different book club novel and then ask you all to link up your review below! I share some of my thoughts on the book, why I love or may not have liked the book and then we vote on the next book for the following month! I really enjoy having so many of you love to read as much as I do! So let's get started on March's book club pick, The Party Girl by Rachel Hollis.

I've always been a fan of chic literature. Call me a sap but I love the love stories, the coming of age and finding yourself. I've been following Rachel Hollis for the last few years, laughing at her incredible courage, dedication and love that she has for her family, her friends and more importantly her incredible life. I couldn't wait to start reading her novels and was so excited to get a chance to do so with this book club.

Rachel is a witty and fun girl on Snapchat and her books are equal measure. If you love attending parties, love the atmosphere, the food, the wine and the entire production of what it takes to put on a fabulous event for movie stars, for best friends or total strangers, this novel is for you. I really resonated with Landon, a girl who moved to LA from the southern way of life to the fast pace world to make a dream come true of becoming a party planner. We all have dreams, goals and ambitions and to see her's come true was inspiring.

Of course with that inspiration comes determination, hard work and a lot of your time to make it happen. There are obstacles and loop holes that the main character goes through. I appreciated the struggle and sacrifice that she had to endure but still kept her humor and heart alive with each step. I also loved that there was a bit of romance with a hip but fun guy. The main character is an easy and lovable character to enjoy. The combination of the characters and a truly entertaining storyline had me hooked from the first page.

Rachel managed to turn her own, real-life experiences within the world of event planning into a big city adventure that captures any chick lit fan. It's an entertaining, vibrant and uplifting read and I can't wait to continue the series with her second novel.

Be sure to link your reviews below! Stay tuned for tomorrow's vote on what novel won for our April Book Club!


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