Sep 20, 2017

It's Hard To Talk About What Makes Being A Mom Hard

The other day I read a post about a Mom sharing her story about Motherhood. There are of course, hundreds of thousands of these posts out there but here's why this one struck me as different. It not only was brutally honest about the ups and downs of being a Mom, a job which is truly one of the hardest I've ever had, but the constant state of having anxiety over every. little. thing.

Here's the gut wrenching truth out motherhood and what makes it so hard- it's the unknown. It's that fear that keeps you up at night. It could be a behavior change, a medical challenge or for me right now, the fear that my almost 5 month old is learning to roll over and will get stuck in the middle of the night. I mean, unless you have a PhD after your name and are delivering bills of health, your efforts  may feel helpless.

Are you in that boat? Feeling like it's just hard to get out there and speak up of those fears? I'm right there with you friend. I'm listening and hugging you tight. This motherhood thing is tough. It's confusing. It's scary. It's down right scary at times because we don't know.

Those words that hang above- "It'll always work out" is so true but our wish that it will work out. Many of my friends that are Mom's understand the struggle, the "I've been down that road too and always asked for help", the 2am conversations of anger, frustration and no sleep, the grab another cup of coffee because your three-nager didn't listen and threw a huge temper tantrum in front of the entire Target shopper  in aisle 5. We all go through it.

Right now as I'm tying this, I'm actually up earlier than my kids and husband and trying to just take in the morning before the chaos comes around again. We'll have our up days and our down days. We'll keep going through it before routine kicks in. For now, I just wanted to share that if you are also going through something like this, you're not alone.

Do you hear me? You, are not alone.
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