Sep 5, 2017

Our Labor Day Weekend in SSI

Friday we packed up the car after work and headed out to SSI aka St. Simon Island for Labor Day weekend with some of our best friends. Zach and I have both never been before but heard so many great things about the island that we couldn't wait to see it in person (( and have a little R&R without the kids )). I will say, it was a bit tricky at times because I'm still nursing and having to stop every 4 hours for me to pump, but I won't complain about that much- my friends are super accommodating about that so it was helpful that they understood I needed a few minutes in the car to pump ha.

We got in late Friday night and checked into our hotel room at Sea Pines Resort. A few minutes of unpacking our luggage and a long day of work, we climbed into our bed and feel quickly asleep.

Saturday morning came quickly and we were up and out the door by 9am. We wanted to try some of the adorable restaurants but found out they were all booked up so we settled for the drive through at Starbucks ( where I could get my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season! ) We then ventured down the main part of SSI called Ocean Drive where many of the local shops are including the famous, St. Simons Lighthouse Museum.

After touring the town, we grabbed lunch at Iguanas Seafood Restaurant and devoured an entire half portion of fresh oysters! Yum! I forget how much I love fresh seafood living in the South and this did not disappoint. We shopped at a few of the stores, including one boutique I used to be a Rep for a few years ago, Hopes! How fun it was to actually see it in person!

After a few hours we came back to our hotel and got ready for our last meal of the day, a great view of St. Simons at the Ocean Lodge. The hotel gave an old world Italy feel with all the traditions and comforts of it's beauty. We were able to eat dinner on the rooftop overlooking the water and although it was a bit of an overcast, we enjoyed the cooler temperatures as well as yet another amazing meal of seafood. I chose their salmon that was stuffed with cream cheese and lumps crab. It was incredible!
Sunday Morning was a low key one for us as we slept in later then expected and was just able to grab brunch before many of the restaurants were getting ready for lunch! We enjoyed our morning at Palmer's Village Cafe, sipping on coffee and anxious to spend our last day all day in the sun. We had packed coolers earlier and grabbed one of the last local spots in the parking lot to walk to the beach. Clearly everyone had the same idea for our 80 degree holiday weekend.
We played catch, enjoyed a few adult beverages and relaxed soaking in the last remaining rays of the summer. A few hours later ( and super burnt - OUCH ) we headed back to change and get ready for our last night in SSI. We chose a local favorite, Crab Daddy's Seafood Bar & Grill . We grabbed one of my favorites drinks, the Crab Daddy Mule which is similar to a Moscow Mule and a table to laugh, and reminisce about our great trip.

And just like that we packed up the car and drove back to Atlanta. It was such a great trip and one that was much needed by Zach and myself! Of course, we're excited to see the kids and enjoy time with them again. Only a few more weeks and we'll be back at a different beach! Hope you all enjoyed your Holiday weekend as well

What did you do for Labor Day weekend?
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