Feb 22, 2018

Our New Favorite Brunch Spot; First Watch

I was compensated to write this review about our experience at this restaurant. All opinions and pictures are my own. 

One of y favorite things to do is go on a date with my husband. Of course, getting dressed up and going to dinner is always a wonderful thing but sometimes we like to switch things up and instead, go out for a casual brunch together. This past Monday since we both had off thanks to President's Day, we were able to get a few hours to ourselves and enjoy a quiet meal together at our new favorite brunch spot, First Watch.

I've heard many great things about this adorable new restaurant and couldn't wait to try it! Located only a few minutes from my house, this brunch staple serves all the favorites; breakfast, lunch and brunch only. Known as the Daytime Cafe, it serves not only healthy meals but truly delicious meals! They have an expansive menu that has something for everyone to enjoy.

Most locations are open from around 8am to 2:30pm and features an incredible fresh juice bar as well as a seasonal menu with fresh ingredients. Here in Atlanta, they have about 7 different locations so it's perfect for you to find one near where you live!

I opted to try their new SoCal Burrito which usually was not the norm for me. Since I'm really not a breakfast person this was the perfect combination of brunch and I actually didn't feel full devouring this HUGE burrito filled with chicken, black beans, quinoa, kale and melted cheese!

Zach tried the incredible elevated egg sandwich which was almost sinful with how good it was! The bread was light and fluffy with crispy bacon, cheese, smashed avocado and arugula.
The manager, Andrew, was so sweet and let us try a few of their new fresh pressed juices which of course I couldn't wait to gulp down. On the left is the Kale Tonic and the Day Glow. The kale tonic has fuiji apple, cucumber, kale and lemon. It was so refreshing and something I could really take with me on the go. I really recommend it. We also tried the Day Glow which was made with carrot, orange, lemon, carrot and organic ginger although Zach and I didn't really taste it that much! Their new drink is the last one on the right, Morning Meditation. It has orange, lemon, turmeric, organic ginger, agave  and beet.

We also were able to try their incredible AM Souperfoods Bowl. This was actually my favorite of the 2 dishes we tried mostly because it was #Vegan and sooooo delicious. There were coconut chia seed pudding topped with fresh blueberries, strawberries, bananas, crunchy granola and drizzled with a blackberry pure. I mean- heaven you guys!
You can never go wrong with Avacado toast the most avocado ( because #life right ) the better, I always say. This had HEAPS of sweet, fresh avocado with just the right amount of salt and a bit of lemon on hearty fresh multi grain slices of bread. I mean.. you can't go wrong!

It was such a lovely experience and one that although I loved going on a day date with my husband, can't wait to bring our kids along too! The staff was extremely sweet and throughout going over the menu, our food came out fresh and hot and we both felt like we didn't have to pay a fortune for quality ingredients that didn't leave us feeling over stuffed! We left feeling extremely satisfied and can't wait to go back and bring the rest of the family with us.
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  1. This place sounds freaking amazing. I love discovering new places to eat.

  2. We have been to First Watch a couple of times and love it. We did notice that it is very trendy with the younger crowd but that didn't bother us. I also noticed that every single table, except ours, were drinking water. ONLY water! My Mr. had coffee and I had Diet Pepsi. hahahaha
    :) gwingal

  3. There's a First Watch just down the street from where I love, but I haven't been yet! The juices look so yummy though - I will definitely have to go soon!

  4. Everything looks so healthy and delicious! This sounds so familiar. I wonder if this is a chain restaurant, because I think we have one near Philly. The juices look very refreshing.

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