Apr 3, 2018


Hey there friends. I don't know if you're like me but I love diving into someone else's daily life on what they are currently doing. Just me? Ha well, I wanted to take you behind the scenes a bit on what I'm loving and currently doing at the moment in case you were wondering!

Currently I am..

WEARING: The most comfortable pajamas ever. No really. It's the best. But the reason I'm wearing these comfortable pajamas and t-shirt is because I'm helping pack up our house. Right now it's a bit surreal to think that we're in the process of packing up our house to leave in a few short days! Ahh!

LISTENING TO: Various podcasts right now ( HERE are some of my favorites ) but I'm loving listening to "Armchair Expert" and "Super Soul " and "Jenna Kitch: Goal Digger" are just a few on repeat right now.

WISHING:: Our house was packed and we're on our way settled into our new home. Is it October yet?! I'm also wishing this huge pile of laundry will do itself and also fold itself. Ugh- who else hates putting laundry away? Anyone anyone?

EATING :: A breakfast bar but I'm getting back into meal prepping once we get into a groove and making overnight oats again. Seriously- game changer for those who are on the go to work or have busy mornings! On another note, Landon has become obsessed with all things regarding Little Spoon right now. He  can't get enough of it.

THINKING ABOUT ::  How much fun this past weekend was in Gatlenburg, TN with our family. I took almost the entire 4 days to unplug from social media and just be in the moment which was so liberation and so needed. We played this hysterical game of Telestrations After Dark. Have you heard of it? If you love Apples To Apples you'll laugh so hard w/ this one!

CRUSHING ON :: I've always been a huge fan of overalls but haven't found the right pair that aren't over $300 but still feel good and look good. Thoughts? Help me friends!

WATCHING :: The Office. Did you know I actually never watched The Office from the first few seasons? I'm so in love with Jim and Pam and can't really remember why I never used to watch this show when it first aired on TV! What else should I be binge watching on Netflix right now?! 

IGNORING :: The fact that This Is Us isn't on until forever... cue crying tears. I'm also ignoring the fact that

EXCITED FOR :: Being closer to family members and helping to plan my sister's wedding next Spring! Also our design meeting on Friday to go over all things amazing and fabulous for this new home we're building. Can you tell it's on my mind a little bit?! I can't wait to take you along too!

SCHEDULING :: Several visits to the design center for our home, doctors appointments and various other things for the kids to get acclimated to activities once we're in back in the Chicago area.

GRATEFUL FOR :: Being able to spend more time with my kids and husband, making our dream home come alive and slowing down a bit. Wait, did I really just say slowing down?! Woah...

What are some current thing you're loving/doing today?
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  1. Yes to wearing PJs! They're all I wear when I work from home haha. Thank God for them! Love that you're getting to spend a ton of time with your hubs and babes!

  2. I love the Goal Digger podcast! It's so good.

  3. hehe you baby is super adorable! I am going to have to check out the podcasts! I am currently listening to Chai and Conversation, trying to learn some Farsi to be able to talk with my In-Law!!

  4. Cannot get over that This is Us is gone for now. I am in withdrawal!

  5. I want to know what the second thing is that you are ignoring! Also, I love The Office; I just binge watched all 9 seasons (again)


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