Apr 16, 2018

Get Comfortable Getting Uncomfortable #MondayMatters

Mondays can be pretty uncomfortable right. I think everyone hates that uneasy feeling that comes with what the week can bring. What does a Monday look like in this home?  Usually I like to stick to my normal comfort zone of staying in bed, watching Netflix all day and talking to my friends on the internet. Heyyyy ohhhh!

Wait. Whose life is that? Clearly not mine!

My comfort zone has been the last three years in Atlanta. I got used to being around all my friends. I got used to going to work and having that routine of driving an hour in the car ( hello awesome podcasts to listen too ). I also got used to have such amazing and driven blogger babes and friends near me to help me listen to some ideas, help me pitch to a favorite brand or enjoy some wine time together.

Now that we've officially been back to my hometown for the last week, it's been a pretty big shift in getting comfortable. We're with my parents in their home while we build our home and while it's still a childhood home of mine, I feel the need to constantly pick up after my kids, make dinner for the family, do our laundry and even with a bit of walking on egg shells here and there. Anyone else do that as well? Have you been in that situation before?

When we get comfortable life is good, it's easy...it's routine. It's a nope, cant complain about my life but when the unexpectent happens, it's chaos. I hate those butterflies or the nerves that can take over. That's how I've felt the last few days looking for a school for Lily, making sure we pick something that will keep her up academically, challenge her but also what's going to be a good routine for us. Sometimes, it's jus hard taking those first huge steps towards something big like a new school, a new home or a new routine.

The last few days have really been out of my comfort zone. But, the way I like to look at it now is that every day should have a little something that makes us nervous or excited for. Sometimes the scary can give you that rush in your stomach that makes you reach for me. Maybe it's that big speech you spent hours over, or that girl you've been crushing on for the last few months. Heck, maybe it's that coffee barista who makes the cup of joe amazing each time but you know you really need to cut it out and switch to that green matcha tea instead.

Sometimes the best way to get comfortable is by getting uncomfortable.
Trying something new is scary. This whole SAHM thing is scary for sure. But I'm so grateful to have all of you by my side to help me out. Somedays are awful while others make me feel as if I may be getting the hang of it. Keep me accountable and sane friends. I need ya. 
How are you going to get out of your comfort zone today or this week? 
What's keeping you from stepping out of your comfort zone? 
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  1. I seriously can't handle breaking our routines... especially on Mondays. But life happens and routines don't work out or change happens. It can be scary but you are right that it can be a positive experience. I truly needed your encouraging words today. Thank you!

  2. My comfort zone exit - start working out again. Best wishes to you!

  3. This is such a timely post, as I have only minutes ago finished watching Shonda Rhimes' awesome TED Talk about her year of saying yes. I am usually a strong advocate of saying no, but the way she did it was to say yes to things that pushed her out of her comfort zone. It really can help us to grow and to be better parents, workers, partners, etc. :)

  4. I love this message. I got a big dose of being uncomfortable today and, while it wasn't pleasant, I know it's making me stronger and helping me redefining thing. Thanks for an excellent post!

    Beth || www.TheStyleBouquet.com

  5. This is such an important message. I am working on stepping out of my comfort zone lately.

  6. Such a great message. I hate Mondays myself but you're totally right about mixing things up and getting out of your uncomfortable zone!

  7. Structure is definitely my comfort zone. WIth three kids i've had to be more relaxed and it has made for some of the BEST surprises.


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