Jul 23, 2018

Registering Made Easy Thanks to BabyList

This post is sponsored by Babylist. I received compensation in exchange for sharing this content.

When I was pregnant with Lily, I created the traditional baby registry at a big baby store. Zach and I spent hours with a scanner looking through the entire store scanning everything and anything we thought we might need for our little girl. Later on, I went home and added things we missed thinking of all the baby registry essentials ( believe me- there are so many of them!).

One of the things we actually weren’t super excited about was we had many recommendations for various items from different brands, but the baby store we used with Lily didn't have some of these items that we were excited about. I’m so excited to share my experience after having our second about this amazing baby registry dream called Babylist.
One of the reasons why I adore Babylist is that it incorporates unique items from small businesses and boutiques as well as the big box items that you see in the big baby retail stores.  To me, the only way to find truly unique items is by supporting hard working individuals across the country by shopping small for your little ones. Babylist allows you to add any product from any store including Etsy and Ebay to your registry in addition to items from major retailers, and it allows them all to be showcased in one place!  You’re also able to register for things such as home cooked meals, babysitting help and other services! Find out more here.

Once you add everything you'd like on your list, you're able to share your custom Babylist registry link with your friends and family members. There is an app that you can use to bookmark the items you’re interested in. It’s similar to how you would pin items on Pinterest. Your friends and family members are able to reserve your gifts and order directly from the sites you registered on. Did you know that Babylist is actually free, meaning it's free to sign up, add items, and free for your friends to purchase from your list. It even offers a one-time 10% discount off the remaining items on your registry prior sold on the Babylist store. PLUS, you can be eligible for a free welcome box when you start your registry, the Hello Baby Box!

What's the Hello Baby Box? Each month, the box varies a bit and restrictions may apply while the supplies last, but you're able to get a few different items than your friends. There are samples and offers from some of the most popular brands including Pampers, Kiinde, and more! Sign me up! Who doesn't love receiving some great samples before actually purchasing them! This girl, that’s who.

So why should you choose Babylist? You're able to add anything from any store! You're supporting small shops and makers. You’re able to get a 10% registry discount. It's super easy to use, plus you can add or link to your existing registries once your list is created. Not sure where to begin? Look at their sample registries and product guides to help! They are based on real parent feedback so you know they’re honest and helpful reviews.  Take a lifestyle quiz to get your printable, personalized baby registry checklist. This really helped me when I first began registering because it can be overwhelming. You'll love it all! So, what are you waiting for friends! Start your Babylist registry today and become eligible for a free Hello Baby Box!

What are some things you had to have when registering?
What times did your friends love when registering?

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