Apr 15, 2019

20 Unique Gifts For Mother's Day

I've been a Mom for only 5 years but I loved getting cute and unique gifts from my family for Mother's Day. Of course there was the BIG year where I got something super huge from my family of four but of course I would never expect something like that every year ( and if so, you'll know we've won the lottery ha ). I also loved THIS gift too.

I wanted to find some personalized items if you're thinking about getting your Mom something unique or helping out a fellow friend with what to get their own wife for Mother's Day! I do own a few of these items myself while others are one's I'll just put on the wish list and see what happens.

What are some items you're hoping to receive or wish for this year? 

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  1. These are all great gift ideas. I love the pajama set, the copper tea kettle and that KitchenAid mixer. Actually, I love everything you shared.

  2. I told my kids and husband that I'm cool with getting books! I'm not picky. I also love getting cakes and cookies since I have a sweet tooth ;)

  3. Mother's Day is and should be very special for all women. Making unique gifts from children and grandchildren makes the day so special.

  4. We have that ice cream maker! It's so much fun! I love that aloe plant! We need more greenery!

  5. Oh this reminds me that I have no idea what to get my mom! haha but I am going to have to think about that ice cream maker- she'd like that!

  6. I am hoping (hopefully this does not sound cheesy) but I really love handmade gifts for my son. It is so much more meaning when they make something for you than buy something.


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