Dec 29, 2017

2017 Review

I can't already believe that this year flew by! I that something that just seriously happens each year because I truly can't get over that were actually talking about 2018. I've shared a few year in reviews before ( 2016 here   and a few of you requested I share another one this year! Let's get started!
The New Year was a blast. We kept it low key being pregnant with Landon and got started painting both kids room for a makeover. I shared struggled of my pregnancy weight gain , preparing Lily for a new baby brother, and getting motivated to work out while being 25+ week pregnant.  We also celebrated Lily turning the big WILD AND THREE party!

I began to get ready for our little guy to arrive and raved on this gorgeous diaper bag, shared a heartfelt story of a few friends who had gone through a miscarriage and Zach and I took a fun Babymoon to Bluffton, SC together!
My super sweet girlfriends threw an adorable Baby Sprinkle for me! I seriously have the most thoughtful and caring ladies in my life. I also realized how much I loved SNS nails. We had our maternity photo shoot and I talked about getting through my last few weeks of being pregnant in my third trimester. I also talked about what NOT to say to a very large + emotional pregnant woman.

As the last few weeks of my pregnancy neared, I began to realize my toddler wouldn't be an old child anymore so I wanted to bring up her self confidence. I also shared our Easter weekend and how really sick I had been during the last two weeks of having Landon ( as in it took me about an hour just to put on a dress and some makeup because of how ill I was..) I talked about we registered for our little guy and transitioning Lily to a big girl room. (( We also had Landon on the 24th so I had a few blog posts scheduled )).

Life was busy as a new Mom to TWO now and the difference of my boy and girl pregnancies. I shared Landon's crazy birth story and just a general life update on how we were adjusting to so many new challenges/changes as a family of four + our Memorial Day Weekend and an amazing Mother's Day present!

Our months were becoming such a blur as we had so many friends and family in town including my in-laws to help with Landon. We also made the most of me being on maternity leave and traveled to Iowa and Chicago for Landon's Baptism and celebrate Father's Day with both our Dad's which was such a treat! I also talked about going back to work after 10 weeks of being gone.

I was able to enjoy a girls night out with some friends which was so nice for this busy Mom! Zach and I celebrated five year of marriage and some big changes. I also opened up my experience with PPA which was liberating and emotional. Landon was already 3 months old and getting so fast so quickly plus a fun and easy celebration of me turning the big 'ol 31! I also had a great meet up with some fabulous blogger babes!

I adored this new Smart Mirror I received from a Giveaway! I had the best time spending 24 hours in my home city with my 3 favorite people attending one of my favorite concerts! I also loved getting pampered for a morning!

Another weekend means another trip for this busy family! Zach and I traveled to SSI for the first time with our best friends and loved it! We had my Uncle stay with us for the weekend due to a Hurricane Irma coming through Atlanta. I shared what makes being a Mom hard. We traveled again for a fun week in the Outer Banks with all my family members. Zach also surprised me for our 10 year dating anniversary!

I partnered with one of my favorite organizations about talking about ways my children can give back this year as well as our experience at the pumpkin patch! We had a huge garage sale + birthday parties to attend and I opened up about a #METOO experience that started a movement. I attended my first Boot Camp and talked about our Halloween as a family of four.

Landon had been lots of bad experiences and I felt like we couldn't catch a break over the last few months. I attended a super fun FRIENDSGIVING event and we celebrated Thanksgiving with my sister and Zach turning 32!

What a busy month! I talked about how I never really was good at being a SAHM for a few months. Atlanta was hit with a huge snowstorm ( and Lily's first time really remembering what snow was ha). Zach and I had a blast at my office Christmas party + a KID FREE weekend. Lastly, we traveled to Iowa for Christmas and celebrated New Years driving home from a whirl wind of a week!

Phew! So what a year right? And what are the plans for 2018 you might ask? I'm already starting to fill our calendar with so many fun things including 5 weddings in Chicago, Atlanta and Des Moines + our summer trip to Positano, Italy around my birthday! I say it every year but I swear each one gets better than the next- stay tuned for all of it and have a wonderful New Years friends!
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  1. Looks like a great year! I love the idea of recapping your year. I may do something like this with my family. I hope you have a wonderful New Year.

  2. What an amazing year filled with so much joy! Congratulations on your newest family member and having a toddler! I had my first in June and I definitely know how much love these little ones bring to life. I too fell in love with the SNS nails-so low maintenance. Your Friendsgiving also looks amazing. Cheers to 2018 mama!

  3. This is such a fun recap! Congrats on your baby!! I love that raindrop wall decoration! It's so cute!!

  4. You've have a great year full of great things! Congrats on the birth of your son! He's adorable as is your daughter.

    Beth ||

  5. Wow! It seems like you had a great year! Congrats on the birth of Landon - that's so exciting. Your kids are so cute! I also love SNS nails...that's the only way I get my nails done now. I also went to SSI this year with my mom for a nice, relaxing weekend! I also live in the Atlanta area, so I experienced that snowstorm as well. That was crazy, but our dog absolutely loved it! Thanks for sharing your year, and here's to 2018! Happy New Year!

  6. You had a big year, for sure! Love seeing the pix of your adorable kids! All the best for a wonderful 2018!

  7. You had a busy year! I also gave birth to a baby boy. The best blessing I bad this year.

    Amanda ||

  8. You guys had a busy year for sure! And it sounds like you have some great adventures already in the works for 2018! Happy New Year!

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  9. I loved reading this recap - maybe next year i'll d one because I know i'm forgetting too much from this year - cant wait to see what you do in 2018!

  10. What a great and busy year! I can't wait to keep up with all that you accomplish in 2018!

  11. What a wonderful and busy year that you had! Your little ones are just too cute!

  12. Sounds like you had an amazing year! Your kids are adorable and everything looks like it was so fun!


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